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Top Hotel RJ 2022: 14 projects competed for the award

After two years of interruption due to the pandemic, ABIH-RJ and HotéisRIO resumed their traditional awards this year, which recognizes good practices and success stories in the Rio de Janeiro hotel industry. And the competition was great: 14 projects were entered and passed rigorous evaluation by the judges. The awards highlight...

The awards highlight hotel initiatives in Entrepreneurship (Eduardo Tapajós Award), Social Responsibility (Corintho Falcão Award), Sustainability (Green Seal for Hospitality) and the best expansion or retrofit projects (Hotel Expansion Award). The team of judges evaluated the quality of the content respecting criteria such as innovation, legitimacy, cost-benefit, impact on the sector and/or society, among others.

The president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, welcomed the strong signs of recovery shown by the sector, which began with New Year's Eve and extended through the two peculiar carnivals, followed by Rock in Rio, events that led hotels to celebrate high occupancy after so long . “For the next New Year's Eve, already announced by Riotur as the biggest and best in our history, expectations are optimistic and help us face 2023 with hope. We have already opened the year with preparations in full swing to welcome WEB SUMMITT and Abav back to our home!”

Lopes highlighted that the sector survived the most challenging period in its history. “The pandemic left deep marks on our business, but we were resilient. We continue to generate thousands of jobs and impact hundreds of activities directly and indirectly. All of this only demonstrates the relevance of our sector to the economy of the state of Rio and the importance of building an agenda that guarantees sustainable growth in tourism”.

According to the president of ABIH-RJ, Paulo Michel, the ceremony demonstrates the strength of the hotel segment in Rio de Janeiro, which has resumed growth even in such an adverse scenario. “All of this is the result of a lot of work. Throughout this year we were strongly active in at least 30 tourism-inducing municipalities, holding meetings to approach and dialogue with public bodies, promoting training and exchanging experiences, getting to know the desires of the enterprises and their particularities up close”.

He highlighted the focus on training alongside important partners such as Senac-RJ and Sebrae/RJ, with support from Sicomércios, providing free courses in the interior of the State, as well as in the Meetings with Hoteliers Program, PROENH-RJ, which gave lectures on management and service to managers of tourism enterprises and their teams by some tourism-inducing municipalities. “We also organized the Training Project for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, our beloved Procap-RJ”.

Charbel Tauil, vice-president of Fecomércio RJ, the event's partner, stated that he believes that all hoteliers should feel rewarded after facing the difficulties created by the pandemic in the last two years. “The tourism sector represents 6% of global GDP and employs 290 million people worldwide. We would never have imagined that we would come across a virus that would bring occupancy to zero. Thanks to unity, we were able to overcome this difficulty.”

The jury was made up of André Coelho and Natalia Soutosa, both from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Sandra Sanches, from ESPM, Elton Fernandes, from UFRJ and Adriana Homem de Carvalho, from Fecomércio-RJ.

Check out the winning cases:

Eduardo Tapajós Award – Entrepreneurship

 1st place – Le Canton do Futuro

Based on its strategic planning, the resort created the “Le Canton do Futuro” project, which aimed to transform the enterprise into one of the most important references in the hotel market in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Among the actions carried out are the Beach Tennis Arena, with four professional courts, a pioneering initiative in the Mountain Region; the Pet Park, a community space with amenities and equipment for activities where guests can play with their pets; creation of the Gare D'Église station, with the installation of an inclined plane, with the aim of offering wide accessibility to one of the resort's most important attractions, the Medieval Castle; opening of the Sport Bar, with a bowling alley, stages for shows, pool tables, 12 TVs with diverse sports programming, as well as lounges; creation of Le petit monde, a space with attractions for families, with various games and a large Kids Park, located on the second floor of the Medieval Castle; Lèman bar and pool, entertainment complex in the heart of the resort with bar and deck, with capacity for more than 100 people, as well as a heated pool, in an area of approximately 1 thousand m²; and the Mont Blanc track, the only indoor track in Brazil that simulates snow, where sports such as Canadian tubing and skiing can be practiced.

2nd place – Musical curation Fairmont Rio

The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana hotel has five experience pillars: music and entertainment; well-being; sport; gastronomy and art; design and fashion.

Music has been present at the hotel since its opening, when Brazilian pop singer Iza was the attraction at the opening party. Other major events were also part of the musical curation, such as the Rio Montreaux Festival, hosted at the Fairmont in 2020, the same year as The Paradise brand's fashion show in which Gilberto Gil was the protagonist of the night.

Currently, Fairmont Rio's Music Curation is part of the hotel's daily routine and is linked to the three main sales points: Spirit, Marine Restô and Tropìk Beach Club. From January to September 2022 there were 236 shows, with more than 780 hours of music, performed by more than 30 artists.

The programming at Spirit Copa Bar began in 2019, with shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Due to the enormous success and increased demand from guests and customers in the post-pandemic period, the frequency of shows began to be from Tuesday to Sunday. The process of choosing musicians is extremely careful so that there is synergy with our audience. Many of them are former participants on The Voice and other reality shows.

The success also extended to the Tropìk Beach Club, where MPB shows took place every afternoon during the summer. Currently, the presentations follow a new format, giving opportunities to DJs and performers with saxophone, trumpet and other instrumentalists.

The musical program had already captivated and won the hearts of the public when the pandemic came and social isolation did not allow the daily meetings at the Infinity Pool to take place. However, the musical program was maintained virtually on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, through live shows on Instagram @fairmontrio with the hashtag #oshowcontinuanasuacasa. The project created opportunities for new talents to present themselves. On Tuesdays, the main objective is “The Day of Discoveries”.

Corintho Falcão Award – Social Action

1st place – Buttons with smiles – Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro

How to receive guests with masks covering their faces? The solution was to replace the nametags, used by hotel employees, for buttons containing a photo of the employee without a mask, with his best smile. The initiative, called “Buttons with smiles”, was developed with the aim of valuing the welcoming spirit of Rio people, even with social distancing and the use of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

The use of masks began with the reopening of the hotel in 2020, which remained closed for five months during the most serious period of the pandemic, and remains active to this day. They ended up incorporating themselves into the hotel's organizational culture and Grand Hyatt's trademark, being recognized both by guests and other units of the group.

The initiative also benefited Gabriel, a young man on the autism spectrum whose family is neighbors and frequents the Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro. An artisanal button maker, he took advantage of the job opportunity and gained a new source of income.

2nd place – Solidarity Request – Louvre Hotels Group Brazil

Interested in increasing its already significant history of social actions, the Louvre Hotels Group created the “Solidarity Request”, a broad and long-term campaign, aimed at supporting relevant social projects across the country. The objective is to raise funds for different social projects led by NGOs associated with the Instituto da Criança. The idea is simple: just order a water or juice at any Louvre hotel in Brazil and the customer will already be helping, as part of the value is reverted into a monthly donation to the Instituto da Criança, which will be responsible for directing 50% of the value to a certain social project that will be chosen by the hotel employees themselves every month. The other 50% are destined for the Children's Institute itself, which also supports other projects across the country.

Participating products are highlighted on hotel menus, encouraging guests and customers to consume more of these products and, consequently, increase donations.

The project was developed by the Louvre Hotels Group corporate team, based in Rio de Janeiro, but today it has the participation of all the chain's hotels established in Brazil.

To follow the project, simply access the website

Hospitality Green Seal – Sustainability

1st place – Le Canton Selo Verde

Le Canton, located in Teresópolis, occupies an area of 2.5 million square meters in a region of Atlantic Forest with permanent preservation, crossed by rivers and has eight preserved springs. Sustainability, through environmental education, and investments in eco-efficiency were the tools used to maximize positive impacts on the environment and society.

One of the hotel's actions was to adopt two municipal public schools in the community, offering the environmental educator course to teachers, a school management system and taking its students to participate in activities on Le Canton's premises.

Another initiative was carrying out a Greenhouse Gas inventory, which resulted in the planting of 8,132 native trees from the Atlantic Forest to neutralize the 2,139.032 Tons of CO² (100% of carbon emitted by the project). This certification gave rise to our Le Canton Forest

Furthermore, Le Canton completely treats its effluents with a modern biological system, using national 100% technology, which does not use any type of chemical additive or energy. This method makes it possible to treat effluents and return them in the form of class 2 treated water to the environment. Today, the system has the capacity to treat 250 m³ of water per day.

The hotel modernized its energy matrix by investing in an eco-efficient fuel, biomass, which is used to heat all the resort's water, being the pioneer in the southeast region in the use of this carbon-free biofuel. In 2018, Le Canton received the Carboneutro seal from the Oksigeno Institute.

2nd place – Grupo Arpoador – Hotel Arpoador – Sustainable City & Sea

The project aims to implement the concepts of sustainability, sustainable development and circular economy in the operation of the Arpoador Group's hotels, Hotel Arpoador and Ipanema Inn. The objective is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and generate a positive socio-environmental impact, with measurement of results and reporting of impacts obtained.

Project scope and results are guided by the framework of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the main benchmark for sustainability goals and indicators. Another objective is to make the group's projects an international reference in sustainable hospitality. The work encompasses practices in relation to waste management; engagement of suppliers and customers; employee development, through training and workshops; assessment and appreciation of diversity and equity in the workforce; sustainable and circular purchasing; partnerships for environmental activism; new practices and goals in relation to reducing water and energy consumption; renewable energy generation; and, no less important, search for certifications and awards.

Furthermore, the project aims to make the path to achieving the group's goal of having the first “Zero Waste” hotels in Rio de Janeiro clearer and easier, through data analysis and constant mitigation of impacts.

Hotel Expansion Award – The Hotel Expansion award went to the Windsor Network, with the launch of the Windsor Tower, in Barra da Tijuca, the chain's 15th unit in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In this new hotel, visitors have access to technology for broadcasting and online meetings and spaces for promoting events. There are 378 apartments in the standard, superior, superior plus and executive superior categories, spread over 16 floors. There is also a leisure area with a swimming pool, gym and sauna.

ACIE awards the 2022 Foreign Press Award – On the occasion, the ACIE (Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Brazil) presented the 2022 Foreign Press Award to Alberto Gaspar, former TV Globo correspondent in Buenos Aires and Jerusalem, elected for being the presenter of the program Legião Estrangeira, on TV Cultura in São Paulo.

The tribute was presented by the entity's president, journalist Edmar Figueiredo. According to him, this is the most traditional award from ACIE, which completed 60 years of activity in Brazil last September.

For the president of ACIE, “the idea of this award has remained the same since its creation: it is a way for the international press to recognize the work of the Brazilian press and strengthen our ties with our Brazilian colleagues, rewarding a journalist who correspondents consider to have had a prominent role in 2022.”

Alberto Gaspar stated that journalism is going through a challenging time. “It has never been so difficult to work with the truth. For this, I thank our program team, small but valuable.” The program analyzes what happens in Brazil and the world from the perspective of foreign correspondents who work here and Brazilian journalists abroad, expanding the view of our own subjects through the eyes of foreign journalists who 'translate' us to their countries around the planet .

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