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GPT-4th: OpenAI announces new faster AI model focused on real-time audio conversation

As promised, the OpenAI announced a new artificial intelligence model this Monday (13). Call GPT-4o, the new AI promises to be twice as fast in responding as GPT-4 and brings new interaction features, with special focus on real-time conversation.

According to Mira Murati, CTO at OpenAI, the model will be gradually implemented in all of the company's products in the coming weeks. “GPT-4o reasons through voice, text and vision,” said Murati in a presentation at the company's offices.

GPT-4, OpenAI's previous model, was trained on a combination of images and text, being able to analyze images and texts to perform tasks such as extracting text from images or even describing their content. But GPT-4o adds real-time conversations to the experience.

GPT-4o in practice

In practice, the new AI enables a variety of actions for users. GPT-4o moves away from the chatbot experience and into a personal assistant experience – with a more natural dialogue than the virtual assistants we already know.

Users can, for example, ask a question to ChatGPT – developed with GPT-4o – and the bot will respond in real time, in a 'less mechanical' way than assistants like Amazon's Alexa. This means presenting different intonations/emotions during the conversation and even laughing according to what the user says.

GPT-4o also improves ChatGPT's vision capabilities. Given a photo – or a desktop screen – ChatGPT can now quickly answer image-related questions, from things like “What's going on in this software code” to “What brand of shirt is this person wearing?”

“We know that these models are getting more and more complex, but we want the interaction experience to truly become more natural and easier,” said Murati.

For now, the audio feature is not part of the GPT-4o API for all users. As has been the case since the first version of ChatGPT, OpenAI states that it will release the new feature to the general public when all security procedures are resolved, citing the risk of misuse.

The company, however, plans to roll out the first support for GPT-4o's new audio features to “a small group of trusted partners” in the coming weeks.

Credits: Epoca Negocios

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