Promotional campaign shows that “The River Doesn’t Stop”

Another public-private partnership action is on the agenda in Tourism. Those who attended the Rio hotel industry celebration at the Hilton Copacabana, in December, had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the “O Rio Não Para” campaign.

Important representatives of the capital's productive sector came together in a collaborative campaign that, at the beginning of 2019, will launch a major promotional action to promote the development of the tourism sector and increase the flow of visitors to the capital.

The working group is made up of businesspeople from the construction sector, supermarket sector, shopping malls, airlines and the hotel industry. These personalities were honored by ABIH-RJ due to their dedication and collaboration in the project, especially the author of the “O Rio Não Para” campaign, publicist Roberto Medina.

This mobilization for the repositioning of the tourist destination of Rio de Janeiro, after a period of crises and interventions, is already yielding its first results. More details of the project may be known in the coming weeks.

Photo: Alexandre Macieira

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