Monitoring Center is presented to strategic partners

With total focus on safety, not even during the festive period does the work of the Associação Rio Alerta team slow down. At the end of the year, executive Maria Helena Lopes visited the headquarters of the Barra Monitoring Center to carry out the agenda for presenting the facilities to important security agents in the city.

On the 26th, the Copacabana Administrator, Thiago Vargas, visited the Center; the deputy head of monitoring for the Special Resources Coordination, Gilson Pereira Bento; and the Municipal Guard monitoring supervisor, Ricardo Dias.

Opening the year's agenda, on the 3rd, the center was visited by the commercial director of the company Alamaster, Márcio Moraes, who highly praised the intelligence work carried out by the association.

In operation since December 2016, the center has cutting-edge technology, equipment, facilities and qualified labor. The initiative was 100% funded by businesspeople in the region, but aims to work in collaboration with official security bodies, as well as residents and associates.

In September 2017, a mirror of the Central was installed at the 31st BPM covering the areas of Vargens, Recreio, Joá, Barra da Tijuca, Barra de Guaratiba, Camorim, Grumari and Itanhangá, in addition to border areas, but the project is also being demanded and expanded to other areas of the city.


Photo: Rio Alerta

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