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wtm 2024 embratur and decolar sign agreement to strengthen tourism in south america

Embratur signed, this Monday (15), a Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) with Decolar – a leading travel company in Latin America –, with the main objective of strengthening tourism in South America. The ACT, signed during the opening of WTM Latin America in São Paulo (SP), it is another action by Embratur for the Latin American market with the aim of dealing with the effects on tourism of the economic crisis in Argentina, the main source market for Brazil. The Agency has already been expanding the market on the continent and obtaining good results in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay.

“Tourism in South America is facing new challenges, with the reduction in international travel by Argentines, our main source market. Embratur is working to deal with the new scenario, expanding its presence in Latin America, building new partnerships and making promotion more efficient”, highlighted the Agency's president, Marcelo Freixo, during the ceremony, which was attended by Embratur executives. Decolar Ivan Marenco, vice president of Destination Products, and Daniela Araujo, director of Destination Products.

“Despegar is a very important company because it is present in strategic markets for Brazilian services and products. This is the kickoff of a partnership that will bring excellent results for our country”, added Freixo.

The director of Products in Destination at Decolar, Daniela Araujo, highlighted the importance of Brazil in the company that has its main headquarters in Argentina. “Brazil is always ranked among the 10 most sought after international destinations by Argentines on our sales platforms”, he mentioned. “We are excited about this partnership. Together, we will promote Brazilian destinations to offer a complete experience to travelers, boosting tourism and creating opportunities that benefit Brazil’s economic growth”, he added.

Compensatory actions
Embratur's participation in WTM Latin America is focused on business and creating alternatives that help mitigate the impact of Argentina's economic crisis on the number of international tourists entering the country. In February 2024, 307 thousand Argentineans arrived in Brazil – 10.71 TP3T less than the 343 thousand in 2023.

Already anticipating the situation, with data intelligence information and in contact with entities in Argentina, in addition to analyzing reports from the Brazilian Embassy in Argentina, Embratur reoriented its actions in two directions: to reinforce the promotion of Brazil as an alternative to Argentine tourists with high purchasing power, who recalculated their trips due to the price of the dollar and the euro; and reinforce the promotion of Brazil in other Latin American countries, especially Chile and Paraguay, to guarantee an increase in visitors that would compensate for the drop in arrivals of Argentines.

Among the issuing countries, the one that registered the greatest growth in one year was Chile: it jumped from 58 thousand in February 2023 to 93 thousand this year, a variation of 77.71 TP3T. In January, the Andean country had already broken the record for the historical series until then, with 77 thousand visitors to Brazil, a mark that was surpassed again.

Furthermore, in 2023, Chile returned to the pre-pandemic level recorded in 2018 and regained its position as the third largest market sending tourists to Brazil, with a total of 458,576 arrivals. The number is 126% higher than that recorded in 2022, of 202,470.

In relation to Paraguay, during WTM, Embratur and Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras announced the launch of new international routes that connect the country's capital, Asunción, to four different destinations in Brazil. Viracopos (SP), the airline's main connecting hub, and Curitiba (PR) will have regular flights; Florianópolis (SC) and Recife (PE) will have flights in high season. The new routes begin operating in December and will further improve the balance in relation to the drop in Argentinian arrivals.

In the first two months of 2024, the arrival of Paraguayan visitors to Brazil grew by 19% compared to the same period last year: there were 156 thousand visitors, which places Paraguay, this year, as the third largest issuing market, behind Argentina and the States United.

In addition to Chile and Paraguay, there was growth in the arrival of tourists from the main sending countries to Brazil, such as France, which jumped from 21,072 visitors in February 2023 to 31,424 this year, an increase of 49.1%; the United States, with 68,655, an increase of 12.9%; Uruguay, with 47,460 (20.8%); and Portugal, with 22,892 visitors (20.5%).

Partnership with Decolar
Embratur's International Markets and Events manager, Bruno Reis, explained how the agreement signed with Despegar, Decolar's brand in other Latin American countries, will work.

“We have concluded a cooperation plan with the Despegar group to encourage passengers from South America who will come to Brazil in 2024. Various promotional actions, marketing in a digital environment, actions with influencers and cooperation with Brazilian destinations will be carried out”, detailed.

About Despegar
Decolar is the leading travel company in Latin America. For 25 years, it has revolutionized the tourism industry through technology and, with its continuous commitment to the development of the sector, it has formed a consolidated company, which integrates BestDay, HotelDO, BDExperience, Viajes Falabella, Koin, ViajaNet and Stays.Net, becoming is one of the most relevant companies in the sector, capable of offering a personalized experience to more than 30 million customers.

The company operates in 19 countries, accompanying Latin Americans from the moment they dream of traveling to when they are sharing their memories. With the purpose of improving people's lives and transforming the shopping experience, the company developed alternative forms of payment and financing, democratizing access to consumption and bringing Latin Americans closer to their next travel experience.


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