Uber opens boarding point at Rio Bus Station

The concessionaire that manages the Rio terminal and Uber inaugurate the first area for boarding passengers at a bus station in the world

Rio de Janeiro, April 1, 2024 – Today, from 3pm, Uber opens a lounge for passengers at Rio Bus Station, the company's first boarding point inside a bus station in the world. With the aim of facilitating the routine of those leaving the location using the application, Uber's exclusive space now allows users to board within the bus station itself.

Operations will occur gradually at this time and, from April 9th, the new point will operate with 100% for boarding operations. The passenger lounge is located on the G1 floor of our garage building. To access the service, simply go to the connecting walkway between the terminal and the parking lot, on floor G3, and use the elevator to floor G1.
Vehicles will continue to use access to the parking lot on Av. Rodrigues Alves. From today onwards, the exit will also take place via Av. Rodrigues Alves.

“Uber arrived in Brazil through Rio and, therefore, we are very happy with this new partnership. With this new feature, in addition to being Uber's first boarding point within a bus station in the world, the company reinforces its presence in such an important place that connects with the entire city”, highlights Marco Cruz, Director of New Business at Uber in Brazil.

Uber's exclusive space is located on the G1 floor of the bus station's G1 parking lot. To get to the location, the user simply goes to the G1 parking lot and looks for Uber signage, or follow the information available in the app. For partner drivers, simply enter the garage building and follow the signs to the location. Only partners with travel requests will be able to access the departures area.

Rodoviária do Rio S/A celebrates the partnership, as this has been a recurring demand from passengers and tourists on their journeys. “We believe that the new service at our facilities will greatly help bus station users and will also contribute to better traffic flow in our surroundings, especially during busy periods such as holidays and major events. The launch of the Uber Lounge at the Rio Bus Station is an achievement that involved excellent work by the concessionaire and Uber with the support of municipal public bodies such as the Rio Sub-Mayor's Office, CET-Rio, the Government Coordination Secretariat and the Secretariat Municipal de Transport of Rio de Janeiro”, highlights Roberta Faria, general director of the concessionaire that manages the second largest bus terminal in Latin America in terms of passenger movement.

How to request the trip and find the driver partner

  • Check the departure location
    When you're ready to go, select your desired departure location in the app.
  • Check out the app for more information
    After requesting the trip, the app will inform you how to find the driver partner. At Rio Bus Station, departures take place on the G1 parking lot.
  • Find your partner driver
    Go to the indicated departure location and begin the journey.

About Rio Bus Station

Rio Bus Station, which is managed by a private group under a state concession, has already received more than R$ 90 million in improvements such as 87 CCTV security cameras for TVS, new stores and services, as well as being the only terminal in the country with air conditioning system and Wi-Fi in all areas, including on platforms. The average passenger movement at the terminal is 40 thousand people/day and, in some periods, it reaches 50 thousand/day between boarding and disembarking. Last holiday alone, more than 200,000 travelers passed through Rio Bus Station. During periods such as Carnival and New Year's Eve festivities, more than half a million people use its facilities to travel. The official website with all the information for users in the road sector, in addition to the services available at the terminal and even the purchase of bus tickets, is Customer service can be provided via What's App or Telephony via the number (21) 32131800 or via social media @rodoviariadorio.

About Uber

Uber's mission is to rethink the way the world moves, to help make it better. The company began operations in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how to get a car at the touch of a button? More than 42 billion trips later, we continue to create solutions to get people closer to where they want to be. By changing the way people and things connect or move around cities, Uber is a platform reimagining new possibilities for the world.

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