Tourist activities close 2023 with growth of 6.9%

The tourist activities index closed 2023 with a positive balance. With growth of 6.9%, the value ends the year above the pre-pandemic level, confirming the growth of the sector in the country. The data comes from the Monthly Services Survey (PMS), carried out every month by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics...

The Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, celebrates the numbers. “We closed 2023 with many positive results. Tourist activities grew, we broke a record in the amount left by foreigners in the country reaching R$ 34.5 billion, we created more than 214 thousand formal jobs. Without a doubt, it was a year of recovery for the sector, which today can celebrate its achievements”, he highlighted.

In the comparison between December 2023 and December 2022, there was an expansion in tourist activity of 1.4%. Seven of the 12 UFs where the indicator is investigated showed progress in services aimed at tourism, with emphasis on São Paulo (3.8%), followed by Rio de Janeiro (9.7%) and Rio Grande do Sul (8.1%).

Year-to-date, the data is even better. Regionally, ten of the 12 places investigated also recorded positive rates, where the gains coming from São Paulo (6.5%) stood out, followed by Rio de Janeiro (11.5%), Minas Gerais (15%), Bahia (11.4%) and Paraná (10%).

STIMULUS – In 2023, the Ministry of Tourism launched several programs to encourage Brazilians to hit the road across the country. One of them is “Get to Know Brazil: Flying”, a partnership between the federal government and airline companies that involves the articulation of measures aimed at the growth of the sector. The initiatives also included “Get to Know Brazil: Realize”, a joint action with Banco do Brasil that offers credit to account holders for tourism.

Another bet by Minister Celso Sabino to stimulate domestic tourism is the federal government's aid to airlines through a Fund that acts as a guarantor for the companies. The proposal is being discussed at ministerial level and with the participation of the National Congress.

By Fábio Marques

Communications Office of the Ministry of Tourism

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