Tourism should create a program similar to 'Voa Brasil' for accommodation, says Celso Sabino

The transversality between the Ministries of the federal government is what will guarantee the execution of important projects in the field of tourism, according to the new Minister of the Ministry, Celso Sabino (União Brasil), chosen by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). Based on alignment with other Ministries, he says, it is possible that a program similar to “Voa Brasil”, which offers air tickets from R$ 200, is created in the accommodation segment as a way of encouraging economic activity in the country. The minister recently gave an exclusive interview to the Liberal Group, to journalists Elisa Vaz and Rita Soares.

Tourism is an activity that must be seen in a transversal way. We have, in Brazil, the Ministry of Tourism, but, necessarily, to reach a level of maturity, we have to see the Ministry as transversal. That's why I was with the Ministry of Culture, but we will really need the Ministry of Cities, the Ministry of Regional Integration, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education. With all these Folders and a few more we intend to have a close relationship to promote tourism in our country”, he highlights.

Sabino wants to be inspired by the Ministry of Ports and Airports, responsible for the “Voa Brasil” program, which offers air tickets from R$ 200 to specific audiences. “We also want launch a similar proposal in relation to hosting for these people who will purchase tickets for R$ 200”, says the man from Pará.

For that, he says it is necessary to work on several fronts, in order to build, renovate, expand and improve tourist facilities, but also aligned with other Ministries that involve the construction and renovation of passenger terminals, airports, highways and roads leading to beaches and cities with tourist potential, construction of facilities coexistence and more.

One of the biggest objectives for ideas to be achieved is make a budget recomposition for Tourism – that's why Sabino is talking to the Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa, and the Minister of Management, Esther Dweck. The new leader of the Department also wants to work in line with parliamentarians, offering what he calls a “menu” of proposals for federal deputies and senators to indicate parliamentary amendments that can be allocated to cities with tourism potential, thus benefiting the sector.


Another front of action for the new Ministry of Tourism will be in Belém, during the Amazon Summit, held in the first half of August. According to Sabino, Pasta will be present and give a talk to the entire tourism sector in Pará, in order to present Fungetur, a line of financing with resources from the Ministry of Tourism aimed, preferably, at the micro, small and medium-sized business segments. Then there will be a stand during the event to register and even contracts.

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