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Search for hospitality courses increases by 123%, says survey

Throughout 2023, the country recorded an increase of 7.5% in the tourist activity index compared to the previous year. For 2024, the forecast is for growth, with the numbers already showing positive, showing an increase of 9% in the number of tourists who came to spend New Year's Eve in the country. The data are from the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur).

As the sector heats up, all areas related to it end up growing, including the creation of jobs and the appreciation of professions in the segment. In 2023, tourism was responsible for creating more than 214 thousand formal job vacancies in Brazil, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism.

In line with the trend, according to the study, there was an increase in Google searches related to professions and improvement courses in the area.

Throughout the quarter, searches for “hospitality course” increased by 123% and searches for “technical tourism course” grew by 52%. Other essential professions for the sector stood out, such as the search for “airline pilot course” and “flight attendant course” growing by 86% and 83% respectively.

The numbers were collected by Onlinecurriculo, a platform specializing in online CVs, which sought to understand the movement of professionals in the segment and the sector's growth trend. With the prominence of the tourism sector and the increase in the number of vacancies, interest in the area is growing, with opportunities for those interested in working in the segment or specializing to have a better position in the market.

Credits: Diário do Turismo

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