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'Rock in Rio promises surprises in September', assured Medina to the managers of the main 5-star hotels in Rio

The monthly meeting of directors and general managers of 5-star hotels in Rio, held this Tuesday (9), at the Grand Hyatt, in Barra, welcomed two very special guests. Councilor Rogério Rocal, president of the Tourism Committee of the City Council, and businessman Roberto Medina.

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This month, the Grand Hyatt, in Barra da Tijuca, was the stage for the monthly meeting of directors and general managers of 5-star hotels in Rio | Photo: CM

Welcomed by the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, and the president of ABIH-RJ, Paulo Michel, who highlighted the main challenges facing hotels and tourism in Rio de Janeiro, such as Public Security and a calendar of events that supports the desired tourist flow to the Throughout the year, Rocal was receptive to discussing issues at the Tourism Commission.

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Gerard Bourgeaiseau and Anabel Gruber, general manager of Yoo2 | Photo: CM

Showing, once again, his love for Rio and his visionary ability to see opportunities to project Rio as an important cultural and tourist hub, Roberto Medina defended the union of the city's most representative business entities in a joint effort to strengthen Rio. And guaranteed surprises for the city at the next Rock in Rio, in September.

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In the center, councilor Rogério Rocal, flanked by businessmen José Domingo Bouzon, from Grupo Arena, and Marcela Grille, from Windsor Hotéis | Photo: CM
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Fábio Pacheco, general manager of Windsor Barra; Alexandra Bueno, director of the Grand Hyatt Rio; and Aloysio Duarte, executive at Grand Hyatt | Photo: CM

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