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Rio de Janeiro was the most searched tourist destination on Google in 2023

Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Seguro: these were the destinations that were on the rise among tourists in the Google search in 2023. Among the 10 cities on the list, there are five in the Northeast, two in the Southeast and two in the South, in addition to one from United States. The survey was...

The survey was carried out by Google at the request of g1 and shows the tourist destinations that were most searched for on the platform by Brazilians between January and the beginning of December this year.

At the beginning of the month, the company revealed the searches that were popular this year. The retrospective showed that the women's World Cup, the disappearance of the Titan submarine and the conflict in Israel and Gaza were those that had the biggest increase in interest in the year.

Check out the tourist destinations most searched for by Brazilians on Google.

1) Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
2) São Paulo (SP)
3) Porto Seguro (BA)
4) Orlando (USA)
5) Gramado (RS)
6) Fortaleza (CE)
7) Salvador (BA)
8) Curitiba (PR)
9) Ipojuca (PE)
10) Maceió (AL)

Credits: G1

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