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Rio de Janeiro (RJ) is on the list of dream destinations on a specialized LGBTQIA+ tourism website

The city of Rio de Janeiro is among the eight dream destinations on the website specializing in LGBTQIA+ tourism GayCities. Tourism portal for this community in Brazil, the capital of Rio de Janeiro appears in eighth place in the ranking of the best gay cities of 2023, drawn up based on 100 thousand votes from...

The top three places went to Mykonos, in Greece, Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and Barcelona, in Spain, respectively. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place went to the French capital, Paris, followed by Queenstown, in New Zealand, Hawaii, in the United States, and finally Phuket, in Thailand.

In another ranking of the best accommodations, Rio is once again in the spotlight with the traditional Copacabana Palace, a historic hotel on the beachfront that turned 100 years old last year. The hotel appears fifth on a list that has, in the top three places, the Four Seasons Maui, in Hawaii, The Retreat at Blue Lagon, in Iceland, and the Palmer House, in Chicago.

In addition to the ranking, this week, the international magazine specialized in LGBTQIA+ tourism Passport Magazine, from New York, published an eight-page report on São Paulo (SP) and the municipality of Ubatuba, on the North Coast of São Paulo, as friendly destinations for the LGBTQIA+ population worldwide.

According to the president of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo, the Agency has been working to promote Brazil's image abroad as an inclusive, diverse and sustainable tourist destination, and the ranking helps to confirm this effort. “It is the second international publication specialized in the LGBTQIA+ segment that presents us to the world in a positive way, just this week. And Embratur's work to promote Brazil abroad is done so that these publications become increasingly frequent. We have been working to reposition the image of our country as we really are: a plural, immense country with a lot to offer. This is important because tourism needs to be an activity that reinforces our best characteristics, making Brazil an attractive place to visit and a better place to live”, he declared.

The coordinator of Diversity, Afrotourism and Indigenous Peoples at Embratur, Tania Neres, agrees. “We are aligned with LGBTQIAP+ Tourism. And the publication confirms what we already know: that Rio de Janeiro is our gateway and this contributes greatly to our strategies in offering other destinations. Our tourist trade has been working harder every day to serve this market with the necessary respect and safety”, he stated.

When commenting on the publication of the specialized magazine, the coordinator highlighted the importance of highlighting the region for the Agency. “Embratur is aligned with and created a Diversity Coordination to promote Brazil as a Friendly Destination. And São Paulo (SP), for example, has the largest LGBT+ Parade in the world. We have several other destinations. Cities like Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Florianópolis are working harder every day to serve this market with respect and safety”, he added.

Credits: Embratur

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