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Rio de Janeiro is one of the Pet Friendly destinations most chosen by tourists

More and more owners are traveling with their pets to Brazil now, according to travel website / Image: PxHere

Anyone who has pets knows the agony of traveling or going out for a walk and having to leave their pets in the care of others. No matter how well treated dogs and cats are, the owners' lap is always cozier for the dogs. Aiming at the need generated by the bond between humans and animals, the market Pet Friendly has expanded its range of products.

A survey carried out by the travel website showed that 46% of people plan their outings and trips based on Pet Friendly options, through which it is possible to know which places are available and prepared to receive pets.

Eight out of ten owners already plan to travel with their dogs and cats, according to The city of Rio de Janeiro, for example, invests heavily in the Pet Friendly concept, being considered one of the best tourist destinations in this regard. It is possible to see signs around the city in stores, bars, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls indicating that they accept animals.

But the Pet Friendly phenomenon is spreading throughout the world. Brazil for the joy and tranquility of owners and animals. In addition to Rio, in Southeast regionSão Paulo and Minas Gerais have already adhered to the concept. At the North EastStrength, at the Ceará, stands out for having joined Pet Friendly, in addition to offering free health services to animals. O Amazon, at North region of Brazil, also stands out for the number of options for animals and caregivers.

At the Midwest, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Large field was elected one of the five destinations that have the most Pet Friendly establishments in the country. South region, tourist attractions, such as Serra Gaucha It is Lawn have adapted to the new trend.

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The information is from SBT News.

Source: Diario do Rio

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