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Rio de Janeiro hosts Jaguar Parade RIO 2024

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The first Rio edition of Jaguar Parade in RIo de Janeiro, taking place in 2024, the exhibition dedicated to the jaguar, the largest feline in the Americas, which has the largest population in the world in Brazil, has already opened registration for the selection of participating artists.

Fifty ounces, painted by numerous artists, will be exhibited in Rio de Janeiro from June 2024. Mixing art and socio-environmental awareness, the Jaguar Parade It is currently one of the largest outdoor art exhibitions in the world. The international project brings together artists and the public around an important cause, the conservation of the jaguar and the preservation of its habitat.

The artistic movement, which intends to visit major cities around the world, finally arrives in Rio, after passing through São Paulo, Florianópolis, Belo Horizonte and holding its first edition in New York with great success. With the aim of raising funds through the sale of works, the exhibition will spread across the city dozens of customized sculptures by local and national artists, displayed free of charge in tourist attractions and main public circulation spaces, such as the beachfront, Sugarloaf Mountain, Museum of Tomorrow, the city center, Metro stations, squares and parks.

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During the event, the public will also be able to interact with the artists and follow free “live painting” sessions, the creative process in ateliers located in shopping malls and points throughout the city.

After the public exhibition, the works will be made available for sale, through virtual and in-person auctions, which will allocate 100% of the net profit to partner NGOs: OnçafariSOS Pantanal It is Ampara Silvestre, which are dedicated to conserving Brazilian fauna and natural habitats, through projects focused on science, education and ecotourism. Artists will be able to sign up to participate by submitting a painting project of their works via the website

The editions of Jaguar Parade They have already had the participation of 176 artists who customized 185 works, exhibited for around 209 days to an estimated audience of 31 million people. Since its creation, more than R$ 1,600,000.00 has been raised through the sale of works, contributing to partner NGOs, recognized for their environmental and jaguar conservation work.

The main purpose is to make people aware of the urgent need to conserve the jaguar and its habitat. Today, it is officially extinct in the United States, is very rare in Mexico, and has practically disappeared from most of the northeast, southeast and southern regions of Brazil.”, explains Giovane Pasa.

“The Jaguar Parade Rio 2024 will not only delight the eyes, but will also touch the hearts. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the country, with talented artists inspired by rich nature. We will certainly have a set of works, which will reflect the vivacity of Rio, while raising awareness about the need to protect biodiversity”, comment Carolina Barreto, partner at Artery

Jaguar Parade – Art with purpose

The Jaguar Parade is an artistic movement with a great purpose: to raise funds and raise awareness about the urgent need to conserve the jaguar and its habitat. All this through an exhibition with dozens of jaguar sculptures customized by talented artists, displayed in busy spaces. The works arouse curiosity and promote reflection among the public wherever they go, reaching millions of people in a unique way!

At the end of the exhibition period, the sculptures are auctioned and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to jaguar conservation projects.

The first Jaguar Parade took place in São Paulo, in 2019, and was considered the largest outdoor art exhibition in the city's history, with approximately 10 million people seeing the works in its streets and parks.

After the pandemic hiatus, in 2021 jaguars resurfaced in a major exhibition in Belo Horizonte, with more than 60 works on display in the capital of Minas Gerais.

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In 2022, it was the turn of the New York edition. The event, which impacted millions of people on the streets and online, featured special actions such as live painting, debates between artists and in-person and online art workshops, as well as an immersive experience in the Metaverse. There were 40 sculptures displayed in iconic locations such as Times Square, Central Park, World Trade Center and during the 77th United Nations General Assembly.

The last edition, in Florianópolis 2023, enchanted more than 700 thousand people with the participation of artists from the local and national art scene who left their marks in the works that were exhibited free of charge in tourist attractions and main spaces with large public circulation, such as the Hercílio Luz Bridge, Avenida Beira-mar Norte, Lagoa da Conceição, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Jurerê, among others.

Credits: Diario do Rio

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