Rio de Janeiro gains urban and tourist furniture in Arcos da Lapa


The bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro, gained RioLapa urban furniture (RioAmaLapa). The new attraction opened this Thursday (10) at Praça Cardeal Câmara, also known as Praça dos Arcos. The action is part of a plan to enhance Rio Antigo as a tourist and cultural destination not only at night, but with extensive daytime programming on offer, including artistic activities, as well as social impact actions.

Inspired by pieces from cities such as Amsterdam (“IAmsterdam”) and New York (“INY”), the piece RioLapa (RioAmaLapa) is 2 meters high by 11 meters wide and is 80 meters away from Arcos da Lapa and the 18 meters from Avenida Mem de Sá. “The proposal is to mark the beginning of summer, the most touristic season of the year, attracting more visitors and starting a process of improvements. This type of action strengthens the relationship with the city. It will be like a welcome card”, reveals Thiago Cesário Alvim, president of Polo Novo Rio Antigo.

Source: Market and Events

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