Rio de Janeiro Carnival had an average of 87% of hotel occupancy in the capital

Carnival 2024 - Rio de Janeiro Block Schedule
Carnival 2024 - Rio de Janeiro Block Schedule

Interior records cities with more than 90% of occupied rooms. The Secretary of State for Tourism, Gustavo Tutuca, highlights that the numbers exceed expectations for a holiday that took place at the beginning of February

The State Department of Tourism and TurisRio, in partnership with ABIH-RJ and HotéisRIO released this Thursday (15/2) the final survey of hotel occupancy during the Carnival holiday throughout the State. According to the entity, the hotel chain in the city of Rio de Janeiro recorded an average of 87% of rooms booked in the period from February 10th to 14th, exceeding the expectation of 85% in the capital. In the interior, some cities recorded more than 90% of occupied rooms, with an average of 81,24%.

– We celebrate hotel occupancy numbers during the Carnival period, remembering that this period extends until next Sunday, where we will still have a high movement of tourists throughout RJ. It is important to highlight that the holiday this year took place at the beginning of February, which makes it difficult for people to make their trips due to end-of-year expenses. It is an expressive number above what was expected given the moment we are in. The average in the interior also shows a very significant occupation with cities above 90% – highlighted the Secretary of State for Tourism, Gustavo Tutuca.

Among the cities in the interior, Miguel Pereira led, with 93.50%, followed closely by Teresópolis, with 90.90%; soon after come Cabo Frio (89.60%), Nova Friburgo (85.20%), Angra dos Reis (84.20%), Vassouras (83.90%), Valença/ Conservatória (82.70%), Petrópolis (82.30%) and Armação dos Búzios (80.801 TP3T). After Paraty (75.50%), Itatiaia/Penedo (74.40%) and Macaé (74.20%) were practically tied, followed by Rio das Ostras (71.70%) and Arraial do Cabo (68.50%).

In the capital, the Botafogo/Flamengo region was the most sought after, with 90,73%, followed by Ipanema/Leblon, with 88,87%, Copacabana/Leme (87,84%), Centro (87,20%) and Barra/Recreio (83,38%) .

The president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, comments that the result shows Rio de Janeiro's high capacity to attract.

– Our city’s Carnival is a party of international standard, made with the best that Rio has to offer – creativity, friendliness and hospitality. Consequently, the hotel chain receives a large number of tourists, interested in enjoying this unique experience – he concludes.

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