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City of Rio will be a pioneer in the 'Rota Literária' project that boosts tourism through cultural heritage

The city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the pioneer for launching the pilot project “Literary Routes Challenges” which aims to transform characters from national literature into tourist attractions, with a special focus on attracting Portuguese-speaking countries. This initiative is from EmbraturLAB and was conceived in October last year, inspired by the success of the “AfroTourism” which became one of the main pillars of the new management of the Embratur, with Marcelo Freixo in the lead. The information is from the website Lu Lacerda.

In total, nine startups from different states were selected to develop this project and the finalists will be revealed next Wednesday (10/01). The pilot project is expected to begin in March this year. The proposal aims to attract visitors to Brazilian cities and states that were settings for world-renowned literary works.

Rio de Janeiro, which was home to renowned writers such as Machado de Assis It is Lima Barreto; Bahia, immortalized by names like Jorge Amado It is Castro Alves; Rio Grande do Sul, birthplace of Fernando Veríssimo It is Mario Quintana; and Goiás, celebrated by Cora Coralina, are among the destinations that will be highlighted in this initiative.

In November last year, during the opening of the Paraty International Literary Festival (Flip), the President of Embratur, Marcelo Freixo, shared his vision about the project: “We brought journalists from Argentina and Chile to cover Flip, in November, and talk about it. Tourism is transversal, it dialogues with literature, education, health, the environment, culture, and it is very important to promote this type of tourism.”

Credits: Diario do Rio

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