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Paineiras Corcovado, a concessionaire that operates in the Tijuca National Park, receives Sistema B Brasil certification

For more than ten years in Brazil, Sistema B has aimed to redefine the concept of success, proving that businesses can be purpose-driven and that they must commit to benefiting the entire community and the environment. Following this concept of Movimento B, Paineiras Corcovado, a concessionaire belonging to Grupo Cataratas and operating in Rio de Janeiro, has just received certification from Sistema B Brasil.

The recognition was not by chance. The company underwent a rigorous audit that took more than 12 months and included a lengthy questionnaire based on five areas (governance, workers, community, environment and customers) followed by verification steps. In practice, the company's activities prioritize ESG actions, with well-defined sustainability policies, with a code of conduct that supports human rights and community equity. These are principles that guide the concessionaire and are non-negotiable for them. Furthermore, one of the employees' missions is the real desire to support the conservation of the planet. With this, Paineiras Corcovado — which is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) — joins the select group of 330 Brazilian companies that have made a legal commitment to corporate responsibility and that believe in a new economic system where they can make changes and generate positive impact for the community and the planet.

Paineiras Corcovado operates within one of the main Conservation Units in Brazil, the Tijuca National Park, and, together with ICMBio, has been implementing and optimizing its management practices over the years with a focus on generating a positive impact for the Park, in its conservation, for the surrounding communities, through a Socio-Environmental Program, and for its clients, through experiences that aim to bring people closer to nature. Certification by Sistema B Brasil reaffirms and celebrates this commitment and challenges us to go furthersays Talita Uzeda, sustainability manager at Grupo Cataratas.

Initiatives that made the dealership recognized

Paineiras Corcovado is the concessionaire responsible for the official access vans to the most visited tourist attraction in the city of Rio de Janeiro: Christ the Redeemer. Since this concession, more than 1 million people visit the monument located at Alto do Corcovado, within the Tijuca National Park. The company also manages the administration of the Paineiras Visitor Center, which, among its attractions, maintains a free, interactive exhibition on Brazilian national parks, including the attractions of Parque da Tijuca and its importance for biodiversity and the climate of the city of Rio. .

Paineiras Corcovado believes in and works towards a socio-environmental program that benefits projects and initiatives in the communities surrounding its operations and the Tijuca National Park, such as the towns of Cerro Corá and Guararapes.

From these projects, Paineiras Corcovado uses knowledge and financial resources to generate positive impact by supporting community initiatives, such as social pre-university exams, sports projects such as football and basketball, cultural projects and even entrepreneurs, as a base roadmap community. Another important socio-environmental initiative is the free visitation project for municipal schools and vulnerable groups that includes educational itineraries about the Tijuca National Park, focused mainly on themes related to history, biology, ecology and geology and which allows you to link lessons learned in the classroom class while walking in the park.

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