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RIO Hotels Forum debates tourist attractions and commercial strategies

HotéisRIO held, this Tuesday, the 27th, the second edition of its Commercial Forum in 2024. The event, held at the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Hotel, addressed topics such as tourist attractions in the city of Rio de Janeiro, such as the new shows Roxy Dinner Show and Forte de Copacabana, and the formulation of commercial strategies.

The president of the forum, José Domingo Bouzon, highlighted the good performance of the strategies created in partnership with the public authorities. “We are in the lead of the main cities that have recovered the average daily rate. This was the result of our conversations with the state government, which stimulated tourism in the interior of the state, with good impacts on the capital. We also work in partnership with the city council.”

The launch, still in 2024, of the Roxy Dinner Show, the city's newest music venue, will be yet another reason for tourists to visit the city. According to businessman Alexandre Accioly, creator of the new attraction, the idea arose from the lack of options that combined shows and gastronomy, such as Moulin Rouge, in Paris, and Senor Tango, in Buenos Aires. “Today Rio lacks good nightlife options. We want to offer a complete experience – our visitors will see presentations of all Brazilian cultural diversity. There will be 700 people per night, who will immerse themselves in what we have to offer.” Accioly also recalled that he is taking care of the revitalization of Jardim de Allah. “The secret to success is to offer diverse tourist equipment, with programming for all age groups and interests.”

Traditional tourist attractions also demonstrate good performance. The complex formed by the Copacabana Fort, which includes the Army Historical Museum, the Colombo confectionery and Café Os 18 do Forte, had good numbers of visitors. “We grew 23,60% from 2022, when we received 515 thousand people, to 2023, when there were 636 thousand. In July alone, when we had the exhibition of the artist Frida Kahlo, there were 107 thousand visitors”, celebrated Lieutenant-Colonel Ricardo Raldi, Social Communication advisor at the fort. “This year we intend to put on an exhibition about the painter van Gogh. If we add to these attractions the beautiful view we have of Copacabana, from a point far from the beach, we see that those who visit us have a complete program”.

Paula Bottino Mendonça, market manager at Decolar, presented the company's expectations for 2024 and the business opportunities for Rio tourism. “The southeast region has been showing good results – between 2019 and 2023, we saw a growth of 17% in searches for accommodation in the region. Rio is one of the highlights, as during this period there was an increase of 33% in searches for the destination on Google. We have packages sold here until June 2025.” She highlighted that one of Decolar's objectives today is to offer the customer a complete experience, which includes much more than airline tickets. “We want to offer accommodation and other services. That’s why we count on you as our partners and are available to formulate commercial strategies.”

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