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From beaches and nightlife to incredible scenery: the most Instagrammable places in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro It is known for being a global city filled with postcards that awaken desires and curiosities in visitors. Surrounded by lots of beauty and history, the Wonderful city It has attractive beaches, parks, forests, monuments and a bustling urban life, all perfect tourist spots to enjoy and take wonderful photos.

A good instagrammable scenery, that is, that photo with a beautiful background and pleasant atmosphere to be posted on the social network, shines the eyes and transports the user immediately to the location of the image. And these attributes the capital of Rio de Janeiro has in spades. From more famous attractions, such as the Christ the Redeemer, Morro da Urca and Ipanema beach, as well as others less publicized, we have selected 11 points that deserve to be on your itinerary – when traveling becomes safe again!

Check it out and get ready for scenes that will leave anyone's mouth open with so much beauty.

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  • Botanical Garden

Photo of imperial palm trees in the RJ botanical garden
The large palm trees in Rio's Botanical Garden attract tourists and residents due to their beauty and history (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the richest and most important in the world, Rio's Botanical Garden stands out right away for the imperial palm trees, planted there by Prince Regent D. João in 1809. The path formed by them, in fact, is the perfect setting for a great photo. elaborate, being one of the postcards of the Marvelous City. Founded in 1808, the place is famous for its exuberance and also reserves other wonders, such as an expanse of plants, monuments, buildings and works of art, all part of the place's bicentennial history. Don't forget to visit and take photos in the greenhouses, which include orchids, bromeliads, ferns and insectivorous plants, and with the themed collections, such as the Japanese Garden, opened in 1935 with the donation of 65 specimens of typical Japanese plants.

  • Royal Portuguese Reading Cabinet

Photo of the interior of the Royal Portuguese Reading Cabinet
Silent interior of the Royal Cabinet, built in the center of Rio in 1837 (Photo: Boris G/Flickr)

To give you an idea, in 2014 the Real Conselho Português de Leitura was classified by the prestigious magazine Team as the fourth most beautiful library in the world. Built in the Neo-Manueline style, its interior is made up of several reading rooms with striking wooden shelves. In addition to being a beautiful spot for photos and knowledge, the place is full of history. Located right in the heart of downtown Rio, the Real Cabinet was founded in 1837 by Portuguese emigrants who lived in the then capital of the Empire. In 1900, the office received the title of public library. Currently, the Cabinet is also a traditional Portuguese language institution that holds the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese authors outside Portugal, in the order of 350 thousand volumes.

  • Christ the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer
Aerial photo of Christ the Redeemer overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro (Photo: publicity)

It is a cliché and at the same time an unmissable tourist attraction. Climbing to the feet of Christ, at the top of Corcovado Mountain, is a must-do when you are passing through the city. On the list of the seven wonders of the modern world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Christ the Redeemer is a symbol of Rio de Janeiro and one of the most visited attractions in the country, with almost 2 million tourists in 2019. Opened in 1931, Christ is perfect for beautiful photos, both due to the beauty of its 38 meters and the stunning view of most of the city, being 709 meters above sea level.

  • Bar da Laje

Photo of Bar da Laje, in RJ
View from Bar da Laje, in Morro do Vidigal, to the sea (Photo: reproduction/instagram)

Located in one of the city's best-known spots, in Morro do Vidigal, the Bar da Laje It stands out for its spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro. The cool bar became one of the local hotspots with its viewpoint overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The ideal is to go in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset and take those stunning photos. The place also takes on a certain magic at night with the city and hill lights on. It's a great spot for photos and to get out of the traditional Rio bar circuit.

  • Selaron Staircase

Photo of the Selarón staircase, in RJ
Steps with colorful tiles on the Selarón staircase, between Santa Teresa and Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Boris G/Flickr)

Another Rio cliché, the Escadaria Selarón, between the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa and Lapa, colors the Instagram feed whenever someone you know visits the city. The architectural work by Jorge Selarón, a Chilean living in Brazil, began to be created in the 1990s. In total, the staircase has two hundred and fifteen steps and the tip is to sit on one of them to take a framed photo full of colors. Listed for historical interest in 2015 by the city of Rio, the staircase has already entered the popular imagination by being featured in numerous national and international campaigns and also appearing in music videos by Snoop Dogg and the band U2.

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  • Ipanema beach

Photo of Ipanema at sunset, with Dois Irmãos hill behind
Sunset in Ipanema: the beach is a popular destination in the city and a postcard for the world (Photo: Pixabay)

A trip to the sands of Ipanema is necessary to get to know the basics of Rio de Janeiro. A favorite destination for tourists and locals alike, the beach is beyond photogenic with Morro Dois Irmãos in the background – a photo at sunset and likes are guaranteed! If you're enjoying the day on the sand, be sure to buy a bag of Globo cookies and have a glass of mate, a delicious and super Instagrammable combo. The Portuguese stone promenade makes the scene even more beautiful. Tip: most hotels on the coast of Ipanema have a rooftop pool. If you're staying there, it's worth taking a few hours to enjoy the water and record everything on Instagram!

  • Harpoon

Photo of Arpoador from Pedra do Arpoador, in RJ
View of Ipanema beach and Dois Irmãos hill from Pedra do Arpoador, on Arpoador beach, in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Arpoador is known for its beach and rock formation between Ipanema and Diabo beaches. Favorite destination for surfers in the city, as big waves form there, the place is also perfect for tourists' photos. There are several possible angles for the most varied photos of the sea or the coast. Like other attractions in Rio, the sunset over the rocks is exuberant. If other people are around, don't be surprised if everyone starts clapping for the leaving sun. Nearby is also a life-size statue of Tom Jobim, inaugurated in 2014. It's worth making that record with one of Brazil's greatest musicians.

  • Lage Park

cafe parque lage
Breakfast at Parque Lage overlooking the palace's main pool (photo: Tina Bini)

Very close to the Botanical Garden and at the foot of Corcovado Hill is Parque Henrique Lage, listed as a historical and cultural heritage site in the city of Rio de Janeiro by IPHAN. The green and well-kept gardens – good for picnics – alone make for cute selfies and photos, but what also draws attention there is the palace. Built by Italian architect Mario Vodret in 1927, it is a spectacle in itself. The Parque Lage School of Visual Arts is located inside it and also a restaurant, where you can have the famous breakfast served next to the central pool, ideal components for the perfect photo.

  • Lapa Arches

Photo of the Lapa arches, in Rio de Janeiro
Arcos da Lapa: architectural work from the colonial period is one of the city's postcards (Photo: Anita Szeicz/Flickr)

There, in the neighborhood that is considered the most bohemian in the city, are Arcos da Lapa, an important architectural work built in the colonial period, in 1723. The point is today one of the city's postcards and where the tramway runs. connects the center of Rio to the Santa Teresa neighborhood. The photos there are beautiful and the cool thing is exploring the various possible angles from Praça Cardeal Câmara.

  • Teles Arch

In addition to the well-known Arcos da Lapa, there is another historic arch in the city, but less famous, which is also a great spot to explore. This is Arco do Teles, a charming little corner that connects Praça XV de Novembro to Travessa do Comércio, in the center. With the surrounding architecture it is possible to transport yourself to an old Rio de Janeiro, a center that was very popular with the Portuguese. Former residence of the Teles de Menezes family, the place was transformed into an alley full of bars, restaurants and ateliers. Tip: In front of the arch, ask someone to take a photo of you walking and looking around. Post with a vintage filter and voila, rescue Rio from the old days!

  • Largo Village

Photo of Vila do Largo in Rio de Janeiro
Alley in Vila do Largo, a refuge with ateliers, cafes and coworking spaces in Rio (Photo: reproduction/instagram/@gabrieldamuda)

As shown above, Rio is not just made of beaches and wonderful landscapes. Like any big city, the busy life has some setbacks and some places counteract this. This is the case of Vila do Largo, a Rio haven that has a bucolic atmosphere worthy of the interior, with cafes, galleries and coworking spaces. The village, which is hidden between the neighborhoods of Laranjeiras and Catete, also has a patio with colorful tables and chairs. A well-produced click there fools even local residents – it doesn’t even look like it’s in Rio! – and gets a lot of likes.

  • Secret Beach

Photo of Praia do Secreto, in Rio de Janeiro
Natural pool formed at low tide at Praia do Secreto, in the west of Rio (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The name already reveals that the beach is hidden from the eyes of the general public. Located between the beaches of Macumba and Prainha, in Recreio, west of Rio, access to Praia do Secreto is via a quick trail. But the real attraction there is the natural pool that forms when the tide is low. So, you can already see that, in addition to swimming in the sea, the photos there are impressive. Despite being “secret”, the spot is busy on holidays and weekends, so the tip is to explore the region on weekdays.

Credits: CNN Brasil

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