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Belmond Copacabana Palace welcomes chef Tassia Magalhães for Master Series at the starred Cipriani restaurant

 Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel, presents another edition of the prestigious Master Series, a series of special dinners that brings together renowned chefs from different parts of the world. This time, the meeting will be at the starred Cipriani restaurant, on May 18th, starting at 7pm. The executive chef of the hotel and Cipriani, Nello Cassese, invites Tassia Magalhães, from the award-winning Nelita restaurant, in São Paulo, to create an exclusive four-hand menu. Nelita was voted the 21st best restaurant in Latin America by the 50 Best Latin America award in 2023.

With a menu created exclusively for the occasion, the meeting between the two chefs will feature delicious creative and original recipes. To begin with, delicious snack options created jointly by the two chefs arrive at the table: goat bignet and caviar, crispy rice with onion, chickpeas with lemon and porchetta, and tuna with watermelon and a touch of negroni.

Next, a creation by chef Tássia promises to surprise: shrimp crudo with Brazil nuts and lemon confit. Continuing with dinner, chef Nello offers a different and original starter: onion with cashew and parmigiano. Soon after, the chefs prepare the first dishes: chef Tássia offers ziti pasta with baroa potatoes and cauliflower; while Nello bets on fregola with lamb and mascarpone.

To start the main dishes, Tassia serves fresh fish of the day with cassava and velouté sauce. The second dish, designed by chef Nello, is Brasato Al Barolo, a typical Piedmont recipe, whose main ingredients are red meat and red wine.

Finally, the night ends with a festival of delicious desserts. Nocciola, a hazelnut sweet with its creamy texture and subtle nutty notes, is one of the highlights of the menu. Chef Tássia opted for a refreshing combination of pineapple and coconut. Then, the sensational and well-known petit fours from Cipriani, with a variety of miniature temptations. And for those who want to end the night with a genuinely Italian touch, the gelato cannot be left out.


Born in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Tássia Magalhães graduated from the Hotel Escola Senac Campos do Jordão and entered a professional kitchen for the first time at the age of 18 at Pomodori, under the guidance of Jefferson Rueda, a chef who appears on another 50 Best list, This is one of the best in the world. He traveled around Europe and interned at Nordic restaurants such as Geranium (three Michelin stars), Kadeau, Amass and the Summerbir confectionery. At 23, he took on the role of chef for the first time, still at Pomodori, where he stayed for ten years in total. After a period of break, she opened Nelita in 2021 and, this year, the Mag Market confectionery.‎ ‏ ‍

Chef Nello Cassese

Credits: Voe News

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