Check out White Rooftop's special New Year's Eve program at Hotel Nacional

Home to a stunning seaside setting, and owner of a luxurious, artsy and charming area, the Hotel Nacional hosts for the third consecutive year the most anticipated party in the country, the White Rooftop. The joy and relief of celebrating life with friends and family, to the sound of good music, paradisiacal views, a premium open bar, haute cuisine and comfort is an accessible privilege, which this year gains a more than special plus. The theme, Carnival. The White Rooftop gains shine, high spirits and a lot of joy, as it pays homage to the biggest party on the Planet, which Brazilians miss so much. For two consecutive years without the vitality of Carnival, the city of Rio de Janeiro gains a taste of 'good nostalgia' with this new year.

In the first seconds of January 1, 2022, the famous and long-awaited 50-meter waterfall of fireworks, surrounding the 31 floors of the Hotel Nacional is back. As well as in the new year of 2019, where it enchanted people from all over the planet with worldwide repercussions. And on this very special New Year's Eve, with the majority of the population vaccinated, it is back. Nothing more just.

The Rio group Fica Comigo, which usually sells out all shows throughout Brazil, is already guaranteed a confirmed presence, as are the DJs Make u Sweat, João Brasil, Gigga, Quando Frozen, Marie Bouret, Cix, Rapha Lima, Bloquinho Lucce and Allegria Takeover. The presence of Camarote Allegria, the most lively and full of beautiful people in Sapucaí, could not be left out, on the most carnival New Year's Eve in the country.

New Year's Eve White Rooftop:

Location: Hotel Nacional

Date: 12/31/2020

Time: from 8pm

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