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Excellent judges for a unique award

It takes a lot of work, dedication and commitment to consolidate the various achievements throughout the year into tailor-made cases to compete for the Top Hotel RJ 2023 Award, which is now in its 18th edition.

But it's not just the hotels that deserve our recognition and thanks: a team of judges, each with their own specialty, also lent their time and knowledge to help us carry out this edition. André Coelho, Elton Fernandes, Paulo Sardinha and Cristiane de Souza Costa Esteves carefully analyzed all the cases and gave their opinions according to criteria such as innovation, legitimacy, cost-benefit and impacts for the sector and/or society.

On October 30th, they dedicated an entire morning to attending in person the presentation of the cases at the Olympic Golf Course, in Barra da Tijuca. We thank our panel of judges for their partnership. You are also part of this award. Find out what they think about the award below:

André Coelho – FGV

“The competitiveness of a company or sector is related to its ability to add value to the service or product and to society. The ABIH award reflects the increase in the competitiveness of Brazilian tourism, showing how much has been done towards a more sustainable society. It gives me great pleasure to participate in this initiative and contribute to more sustainable tourism.”

Elton Fernandes – UFRJ

“It was a great challenge to evaluate projects in three categories, with several evaluation items and a range of hotel projects with very different business profiles and business sizes. In this heterogeneous environment, the enthusiasm of hotel teams is contagious and shows the commitment of employees to the business. The projects, considering the scope of operation of the hotels and the size of each company, present a high level in all items evaluated, highlighting the innovation item. It can be seen that, due to the excellent projects presented, all of them are winners of the Top Hotel Award. But a highlight is the importance of the event as a moment to share experiences and ideas among frontline professionals in the sector. Given the proximity of the classification of projects and the exchange of experiences between professionals, I believe that everyone should consider themselves winners and put participation on their agenda in the coming years, as this is a learning environment that is worth participating in.”

Paulo Sardinha – ABRH

“The Top Hotel award was an environment for impactful projects in the social, educational and environmental areas. No project fell below expectations. There was an important balance: on the one hand, new and innovative projects brought by hotels that presented themselves for the first time. In parallel, hotels that had participated before brought more well-designed projects, demonstrating the maturity of the award.  

For us, at the Brazilian Association of Human Resources, it was a privilege to participate in this edition and learn about the results of the dedicated work of the people who work in this important vocation throughout our State of Rio de Janeiro. Large hotel chains were alongside players who demonstrated entrepreneurial capacity. Together they improve the excellence of the hotel industry in our RJ, ensuring a reference for the whole of Brazil.”  

Cristiane de Souza Costa Esteves – Senac Rio

“It was certainly a great pleasure to participate as a judge, representing the Faculty of Technology Senac Rio in the position of coordinator of the hotel management course. The projects were innovative and rich in details, in addition to presenting content of excellent relevance to the hotel sector and, consequently, tourism. 

Knowing a little about what some hotels have been developing, in relation to entrepreneurship, social action and sustainability, made me see even more of the growth of the hotel market in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is always rewarding to participate in events like this. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the organization and for the morning and early afternoon that you provided for me and the other guests. I’m looking forward to the result.”


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