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Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara and Le Canton are awarded in the Eduardo Tapajós – Entrepreneurship category

Hotelier, industrial chemist and lawyer: this is how Eduardo Tapajós can be described, the businessman who lends his name to the Entrepreneurship category of the Top Hotel RJ Award. Two hotels in the interior were the highlights of the category: the winner was Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara, followed by Le Canton, in second place. Discover...

From Jesuit seminary to farm hotel – The big winner in the category, Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara, in the municipality of Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin, in Vale do Café, in Rio de Janeiro, was once a coffee farm and seminary of the Jesuit Order. In 1984 the farm was acquired by a family, who transformed the space into a large accommodation. In 2005, Jaime Neto Alves, heir to the accommodation, took over, with his wife, Stela Alves, the business, which was behind on bills and taxes, in need of renovations and with employees without a formal contract and who, as a consequence, did not meet working hours. .

In the recovery project, debts were renegotiated and paid, and a new company was created to manage Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara. With employees formally hired, it was possible to demand compliance with the schedule. With the new company, Jaime met with suppliers and regained trust and credit, and, to ensure the functioning of the business, imposed greater control over operational costs.

To make the venture viable and expand their customer base, the couple chose to gain visibility through online sales applications popular at the time, such as Peixe Urbano and Hotel Urbano. They also extended the opening days, opening on some days of the week. With the new guests came more resources and they were able to invest in improvements, such as a convention hall, heated pool, courts, apartment renovations, playgrounds, etc. During the pandemic, they were closed for 4 months, but did not need to lay off employees, as they used the incentives offered by the Government.

Today, with 120 employees (there were 65 before the Covid-19 pandemic), Hotel Fazenda Santa Bárbara is the second largest employer in the municipality, continues to help the community, injecting, on average, 70 thousand tourists per year into the region and with a average occupancy of 70%.

Le Canton for everyone – Built on an area of more than 2.4 million meters² in the mountainous region of Teresópolis, the Le Canton hotel, second in the category, is a reference in luxury accommodation and good taste for the whole family. The enterprise, which receives tourists from all over Brazil and abroad, decided to become a tourist destination also for residents of Teresópolis, the city where it is established.
To this end, in 2020, it created the “Le Canton Destination Initiative”, for which various leisure facilities were built across 50,000 meters², regardless of accommodation. In this space there are attractions such as Fazendinha, Parc Magique and the Mont Blanc track, for winter sports. It also offers a cheese factory, spa, restaurant, train, zip line and paint ball, as well as places for shows and events and the circus. Artists such as Nando Reis, Diogo Nogueira, Zé Ramalho, Mumuzinho, Maiara and Maraísa, Lulu Santos and Titãs have already brought crowds to Le Canton. As a result, 200 thousand people visited the enterprise. In addition to increasing integration with the local community, it also generated revenue of R$ 15.5 million.

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