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Discover the other cases that participated in the award

The quality of the cases entered in this 18th edition of the Top Hotel RJ 2023 Award made the judges' work very difficult. Check out all the initiatives that participated in the awards below.

Social action

Hotel Bourbon Barra da Tijuca – Seals and Caps Collection Campaign

The hotel presented its project in partnership with the NGO One by One, in which it implemented a rainwater collection system and works with actions to correctly dispose of oil, plastic packaging and other recyclable waste, in addition to helping to collect lids , seals and caps. The institution serves children and young people with physical disabilities and sells these objects to purchase wheelchairs and support themselves. To support the NGO, Bourbon mobilized employees and even customers to collect money.

Copacabana Palace – JR & CASA AMARELA – 100 OF THE COPA

The Belmond Copacabana Palace competed with the project in which it supports Casa Amarela, a cultural space that serves 80 children in Morro da Providência. The enterprise sends resources to feed patrons and has already renovated the kitchen, provided consultancy for the preparation of dishes and training for the space's “chef”. With the celebration of 100 years of Copacabana Palace, the hotel held an exhibition by the photographer and historian about Morro da Providência, Maurício Hora, and the French urban artist Jean Rènè. The intervention in honor of the mothers took place on the facade of the Copacabana Palace.

Ibis Copacabana Posto 2 – Free Continuing Education Course

The Ibis Network presented the case for inclusion through training workers for the job market. Ninety people, divided into three groups, received training on “Good Hotel Governance Practices”. Theoretical classes were held and the practical part took place in one of the group's hotels. At the end of the course, 12 students were hired to work for the network.

Le Canton – Socio-environmental Event: Clean Energy and Waste Management

Le Canton, in Teresópolis, participated in this edition of the award with an environmental awareness day for 400 children from the public school system. The action took place on September 21st with a theatrical presentation, recreational activities and lots of interaction with nature, such as planting tree seedlings from the Native Atlantic Forest. A full day of environmental education, nutrition and entertainment for children, who learned about renewable energy, waste disposal and preservation and protection of fauna and flora.

Louvre Hotels Group – Solidarity Request

The Louvre Hotels Group, with a vast history of social actions, decided to launch a broader, long-term campaign that could help relevant social projects across the country. Thus came the “Solidarity Request”, a project with no end date, which aims to raise funds that will be allocated to different social projects led by NGOs associated with the Instituto da Criança spread across the country, which they presented in this edition of the award.

The fundraising mechanics are simple: when ordering water or juice at any Louvre hotel in Brazil, part of the amount is converted into a monthly donation to the Instituto da Criança, which will be responsible for directing 50% of the amount to a specific social project that will be chosen by the hotel employees themselves every month. The other 50% are destined for the Children's Institute itself, which also supports other projects across the country.

Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort – Sheraton & Comunidade do Vidigal

Sheraton presented a social action case in which it serves residents of the Vidigal Community through the Serve360 Project. The project aims to develop skills through opportunities, focusing on women and other vulnerable groups in neighboring communities, in partnership with the Vidigal Residents Association. In total, 25 women developed their entrepreneurial talents and acquired knowledge in costs, the job market, personal care and the environment.

Windsor Hammock – Case Spanta

Hotel Windsor submitted a project aimed at ensuring that around 100 children and teenagers, aged 7 to 17 years old, have classes in musical instruments, performing arts, body expression and psychosocial activities at the Santa Marta Community Residents Association. The support, offered by the hotel chain, which has 17 units in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, takes place through the social project “Escola de Artes do Spanta”.


Hilton Copacabana – Mixologist Rochelly Rangel

With three signed and renowned drinks, the entrepreneurship partnership of the Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana hotels entered in the awards, which extended to the Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro, brought the case of mixologist Rochelly Rangel, winner of the 3rd season of the reality show Bar Aberto, to an unprecedented action for the brand. As the first trans woman to sign a drink menu for the chain, Rochelly also brought vibrant and tasty drinks, which represented around 10% of the hotels' beverage revenue during the three months of activation. The drinks paid homage to Rochelly’s references. With the drink Gloria Maria represented the first black Brazilian journalist as a TV presenter; with the drink Oxum, its ancestry and religion; and with the colorful Marsha P Johnson drink, Rochelly can pay homage to one of the most prominent figures of the gay rights movement of the 1960s in New York, representing the trans flag in the form of a drink

Pousada Vale do Café – Case Pousada Vale do Café

Pousada Vale do Café, in Ipiabas, Barra do Piraí, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, operates in a 19th century mansion that had been abandoned for over 20 years. Renovated, but without losing its original characteristics, the building turns 150 years old in 2024. The case presented the proposal to bring back to visitors the pleasure of leisurely living, valuing the simplicity of the rural interior and stimulating tourism in the region. Everything in the inn refers to the golden period of coffee in the region, the rooms make references to the farms that are open for visitors and in the basement a themed space was created with objects and scenes related to the tales of the period. Pousada Vale do Café is a place that brings together literature and history. Since 2017, when it was opened, until now, Pousada Vale do Café has grown, on average, 20% per year. All investments and renovations are carried out with own resources.

Othon Hotels – Othon Mobile

Hotéis Othon competed with a relationship app created to facilitate internal communication. Othon Mobile was designed for all employees to interact, allowing the posting of photos, comments and company reports. The system improved the reach of information while giving teams a voice and aligning employees and the organization in the same direction. With just 1 MB, the application can be used on any smartphone and has secure access, via registration number, CPF or email. The Othon Mobile project was defined in April 2022, and developed over the course of a month. The launch was in May last year. After one year and five months, engagement on Othon Mobile has reached an average of 142 employee posts per month and 37 corporate posts.

Green Seal

CDesign Hotel – Case CDesign

The CDesign Ecoe project presented its journey to strengthen the sustainability of the enterprise, generating benefits for all its stakeholders. The project is structured around three pillars: balance in the use of natural resources, such as water, energy and waste, through the installation of consumption-reducing devices and awareness among employees and customers; support for local businesses and partnerships by supporting social, cultural and business initiatives associated with tourism and strengthening socio-environmental management, such as establishing a multi-year plan and annual sustainability goals for the entire team.

In six months of the project, savings of 2760 M3 of water were achieved, resulting in a reduction of approximately 20% in the water bill. Reduction of around 30% in monthly energy costs and 100% in your needs met by renewable sources such as solar and wind. Communication and signaling campaigns were created for customers regarding water and energy use and awareness workshops were held with employees.

Hilton Barra – Sustainability Practices, Sustainable Tourism & Accessibility

The Hilton Barra hotel showed how it has become a sustainable and accessible 100% project since its opening, where all project details were discussed by experts with the aim of serving everyone and preserving the environment. With sustainability practices implemented and actions taken daily in the environmental, social and economic areas, the development became one of the first hotels in Brazil to have ISO 21401 Certification. 

Le Canton – Le Canton of the Future

The mountain resort presented Le Canton do Futuro, an innovative initiative that generates eco-efficiency, mitigates environmental impacts, provides environmental education and stimulates community development in the region where the project is located.

The initiative is part of the hotel's culture and strategic planning and was guided by the UN's 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Le Canton already fulfills 11 of the 17 and is committed to fulfilling them all by December 2024, becoming the first hotel development in Brazil to meet all objectives six years in advance – the UN proposal is for them all to be implemented by 2030.

Hotel Bourbon Barra da Tijuca – Seals and Caps Collection Campaign

The hotel participated with the same project in the Green Seal category as well.


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