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Container Eco Suítes and Grupo Arpoador, winners in the Hotel Green Seal category

The Top Hotel RJ 2023 Award dedicates the Green Seal category to enterprises that invest in actions related to sustainability. In this edition, first place went to Container Eco Suítes, with Grupo Arpoador in second place. Discover the award-winning cases: 

Root ecological When a hotel project is designed from the beginning to include sustainable concepts and practices, the results exceed expectations. This is the case of Container Eco Suítes, winner of the Green Seal category, located in Cabo Frio, next to an environmental conservation unit (APA Pau Brasil). The inn is entirely made from recycled material and reused items and applies several sustainable initiatives to ensure energy efficiency and reuse of natural resources. It has three water and sewage treatment systems, solar and wind energy, an organic garden and a nursery for native tree seedlings, among other initiatives. 

There are 33 rooms, all in 24 recycled shipping containers, with bathroom and air conditioning. Throughout the entire area of the inn, it is possible to observe the reuse of materials in the most diverse ways, such as airport stairs, a swimming pool made from rubble dumpsters, flower boxes made from water tanks, vases made from boots and old tires.

For greater efficiency in water use, there are three systems – a rainwater collection and treatment system, which captures water and makes it drinkable for use, a gray water treatment plant, which captures water from showers, treats it and reuses it in toilet flushing and garden irrigation and a closed sewage treatment system (black water) carried out in two banana tree pits, which does not return any sewage to the public network.

The guesthouse's exterior and facade lighting is powered by wind and solar energy. The solar and gas water heating system is automated to ensure efficiency and reduced gas usage. The inn is still implementing a biogas generation system that will use a digester to power the water heaters.

Zero Waste Certification – The Sustainable City&Sea project, second in the category, was launched by Grupo Arpoador in July 2022 and had the challenge of ensuring that the network achieved Zero Waste certification within a period of one year. In July 2023, this commitment was fulfilled, transforming the group into the first hotel chain in Rio de Janeiro to achieve the coveted certification, issued by the Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil.

The group celebrated the fact by distributing Zero Waste kits to all employees, so that everyone can contribute to reducing waste in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the Sustainable City&Sea project advanced on other fronts. In the search for cleaner and more renewable energy, concrete measures were taken to acquire energy from renewable sources, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The group increased its contribution to the environmental NGO BrBio, strengthening the partnership and expanding the positive impact on the conservation of marine biodiversity and also invested in technology for sustainability, implementing an advanced dashboard in Power BI to analyze and optimize waste management, making it even more effective and efficient.

The project embraces medium and long-term goals, placing the Arpoador Group at the forefront of sustainability practices in the Rio hotel industry. In 2022, it won second place in the Top Hotel RJ 2022 Award, in the Green Seal category. Over the course of last year, the Arpoador Group recorded several advances in the field of solid waste management and circular economy, with a notable reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill, surpassing the mark of just 20% of the total generated in hotels and offices . 

There were also investments in a set of collectors made from recycled material, water began to be offered in cans and, in restaurants, drinks are served in ecological glasses made from reused wine bottles. 

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