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Communication Forum debates marketing in the F&B area

HotelsRIO organized, on April 25th, the first meeting of the Communication & Marketing Forum in 2024. The event, held at the Windsor Florida Hotel, focused on the influence of marketing in the F&B (Food and Beverage) area.

At the opening, the forum coordinator and Marketing Manager at Rede Windsor de Hotéis, Vitor Almeida, highlighted that the objective of the forum is to encourage the exchange of experiences between professionals in the field. “The circulation of information about trends, suppliers and market practices is essential for the development of the segment in hotels. Our idea is for everyone to get involved and propose demands”, he said.

Alex Tourês, director of Arena hotels, recalled that the entire F&B team must keep in mind that marketing is important for the operation. “The waiter is also a marketer, he is the spearhead of sales.” Tourês talked about the experience of transforming Otaviano, from the hotel chain, into a “street restaurant”, focused on Spanish cuisine. “We use iFood as one of our marketing tools. It was a challenge to think of a package that could adequately accommodate a paella.”

The lecture “The taste of success – the power of marketing promoting the F&B universe”, was given by the general manager of Empório Jardim restaurants, Leonardo Capdeville, who brings together the experience of having worked at the Copacabana Palace hotels, La Residencia, in Mallorca, Spain, in the Windsor Hotéis chain, in addition to being a professor at Estácio de Sá University. “The F&B area expects the marketing sector to promote actions that create value for customers and help generate demand for its products and services,” he stated.

Capdeville spoke about the need for hotels to maximize their knowledge of their customers in order to understand how to serve them better. “How do you get your client to swap a famous street restaurant for a hotel restaurant? Discovering, for example, which places he visited. Because if you do a cachaça tasting in the pool of your hotel, your guest may make a comparison not with the restaurant next door, but rather with an experience they had at a winery in Mendoza, Argentina, on a previous trip” .

According to him, it is essential to create a feeling of exclusivity in guests, as the best memories are generated by small details. “People pay for genuine experiences and that is what hotel developments must offer, even to create an identification with the brand in guests”, explained Capdeville. “We have to combine excellent service with unique and unprecedented technologies, such as augmented reality, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. One example is an interactive digital menu. In short, work with goals, master your operation, invest in technology, innovation and in your employees.”

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