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ABIH Nacional pays homage to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira

Representative Arthur Lira, president of the Chamber of Deputies, was honored by the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association – ABIH Nacional, on April 23, at the Brazilian International Convention Center (CICB), in Brasília.

The event was attended by several authorities such as the vice-governor of the Federal District, Celina Leão, the Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino, the Secretary of Tourism of São Paulo, Roberto de Lucena, the former minister of the portfolio, Vinícius Lummertz , as well as presidents of several hotel chains and the 26 state ABIHs, in addition to the Federal District. Around 1,000 guests and 230 parliamentarians, representing all parties in congress, participated in the meeting.

The president of ABIH-RJ, Paulo Michel, accompanied by the entity's vice-presidents, José Domingo Bouzon and José Caamaño, led a delegation bringing together a dozen businesspeople from the Rio hotel industry, including Alex Turês, director of Hotéis Arena, José and Monica Oreiro, from Rede Windsor, and the recently installed president of Riotur, Patrick Corrêa. The approval in the Chamber met the demands of the Rio de Janeiro trade, which worked with the authorities to maintain the benefits of Perse for the sector. On April 30, Perse was also approved by the Federal Senate and now goes to presidential sanction.

Manoel Linhares, president of ABIH Nacional, thanked President Arthur Lira for his commitment, always showing firmness in defending the interests of national tourism. “We are here to honor an exemplary figure in our politics. A man who is not afraid of heavy tasks, nor does he bend over backwards when obstacles appear, and who has been paying special attention to the hotel industry, a sector that formally employs more than three million Brazilians”, highlighted Linhares.

The president of ABIH Nacional also highlighted the importance of Lira's leadership in understanding issues related to tourism. “As a representative of the hotel industry, I want to express my deep gratitude to President Arthur Lira for always keeping the doors of his office open. Thanks to your commitment and dedication, we managed to save many jobs and companies”, highlighted Linhares.

After receiving the honored plaque, delivered by Manoel Linhares and representatives of several regional ABIH's, the president of the Chamber highlighted that the recognition he was receiving was the result of the mobilization of the entire Chamber of Deputies that guaranteed support for the tourism sector, remembering the difficulties experienced during the pandemic. “We are attentive to the demands and needs that the hotel industry presents to us. We have the exact dimension of how important this sector is for the country, as it moves the economy, creates jobs, attracts investments, also impacting the improvement of our infrastructure. I am a tourism enthusiast and have been advocating the mobilization of its entire production chain to generate jobs and services of great interest to visitors, while always maintaining a commitment to the environment. I respect tourism and the hotel industry, which still have a lot to grow in Brazil. I want to reaffirm that they can count on my support”, highlighted Lira, receiving great applause from those present.

The president of the Chamber also commented on the possibility of the president of ABIH Nacional being a candidate for federal deputy in the next elections. “Certainly, his arrival in parliament will enrich the debates in the house on the tourism sector, but on the other hand the entity will lose its leader, today a reference in defending the interests of companies in the tourism and hospitality sector”, he concluded.

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