2022 will have 11 holidays that promise to boost domestic tourism in Brazil

The year 2021 was marked by the resumption of positive numbers in the tourism sector, with emphasis on the increase in domestic travel and the increase in passenger movement in the country's ports, airports and highways. A large part of this flow of tourists occurred during long holidays, which stimulated travel. In 2022, the scenario should remain favorable for domestic tourism, since, of the 14 days off defined for next year – including national holidays and optional points –, only three fall on weekends. (See the complete list at the end of the text)

For the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, the 11 days of rest on working days planned for 2022, in addition to those established by states and municipalities, are a great opportunity for domestic tourism.

“This year, we saw domestic tourism take off, and long holidays were essential for this. For 2022, the outlook is the best possible! Tourists have regained their confidence in traveling, are meeting their families, friends and discovering new places, given the advancement of vaccination and the adoption of health protocols in the Tourism sector. All of this stimulates the movement of the sector and, consequently, of the economy, generating employment and development for the country”, he assessed.

To give you an idea of what to expect next year, in just the last three long national holidays of 2021 (All Souls' Day, Proclamation of the Republic and Nossa Senhora Aparecida) more than 6 million passengers boarded at the country's main airports and hotel occupancy remained unchanged. between 75% and 95%. This year-end, more than 6.7 million travelers are expected to pass through some of the most important air terminals.

When it comes to road trips, in 2021, searches for tickets during the Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays are 43% higher than 2019, the pre-pandemic year. The data comes from ClickBus, an online platform for selling bus tickets. According to the company, cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Florianópolis and Belo Horizonte are among the most sought after by those intending to travel on both holidays.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL – For a safe and responsible resumption of travel across the country, the Ministry of Tourism encourages tourists and tourist establishments to adhere to the Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism Seal. The Seal establishes biosafety protocols for 15 activities in the sector, such as accommodation, theme parks, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, convention centers, fairs, exhibitions, tour guides, in addition to a set of guidelines for tourists. Currently, more than 30 thousand stamps have been issued across the country. know more HERE.

Check out the national holidays and optional days of 2022

January 1st (Saturday) – Universal Fraternization (national holiday);
February 28th (Monday) – Carnival (optional);
March 1st (Tuesday) – Carnival (optional);
March 2nd – Ash Wednesday (optional until 2pm);
April 15 (Friday) – Passion of the Christ (national holiday);
April 21st (Thursday) – Tiradentes (national holiday);
May 1st (Sunday) – World Labor Day (national holiday);
June 16th (Thursday) – Corpus Christi (optional point);
September 7th (Wednesday) – Independence of Brazil (national holiday);
October 12th (Wednesday) – Nossa Senhora Aparecida (national holiday);
October 28th (Friday) – Public Servants Day (optional);
November 2nd (Wednesday) – All Souls’ Day (national holiday);
November 15 (Tuesday) – Proclamation of the Republic (national holiday);
December 25th (Sunday) – Christmas (national holiday).

Source: Agencia Brasil

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