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TIM Music Rio starts next weekend with free shows in Copacabana (RJ)

The third edition of TIM Music Rio, one of the biggest free music festivals in Brazil, takes place next weekend with shows starting at 4pm at Posto 4 on Copacabana beach. The line-up focuses on the diversity of rhythms and the representation of genres, bringing together audiences from the most diverse generations and the most varied musical tastes.

On the first Saturday of the festival, two artists from the new Brazilian music scene are scheduled. The pop of Marina Sena opens TIM Music Rio. The singer will present the show “Vício Inerente”, with songs from the most recent album, of the same name, as well as hits such as “De Primeira”, “Dano Sarrada” and “Sonho Bom”. Highlight of Brazilian contemporary music, Baco Exu do Blues performs the second show of the night. The rapper, born in Salvador, who has more than 6.3 million monthly listeners on digital platforms, will perform hits from the album “How many times have you already been loved?”, and other songs from his repertoire such as “Te Amo Disgraça”, “ Samba In Paris” and “Lágrimas”.

The next day, Sunday, May 26th, Diogo Nogueira opens the festival work TIM Music Rio, with a show specially created for the event in honor of the great godmother of samba, Beth Carvalho. The samba singer will share the stage with Roberta Sá It is Marvvilla, who will represent all the women who have the samba singer as a great inspiration. Hits like “Coisinha do Pai”, “Andança” and “Vou Festejar” are guaranteed in the repertoire. Closing out the first weekend, the pop star Gloria Groove presents the show from his “Noite de Glória” tour, which brings together his greatest hits in a historic presentation divided into four acts.

On Sunday, the festival program will be opened by TIM Institute Drums, made up of 50 children, teenagers and adults led by Mestre Mangueirinha, from the Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school. The project has existed since 2010 and promotes free musical education, in addition to working on the theme of inclusion and integration by bringing together people with some type of disability – such as deafness, autism spectrum disorder and down syndrome – and people without disabilities.

Second weekend

The second weekend of the festival TIM Music Rio brings a line-up made up of only black artists, reinforcing its proposal to be an inclusive and representative event. On Saturday, June 1st, Preta Gil brings its “Baile da Preta”, with a lively repertoire, composed of its own songs and many hits, such as “Sinais de Fogo”, “Stereo” and “Decote”, in a miscellany of Brazilian rhythms such as funk, samba, axé, sertanejo . The singer brings as a guest the pop singer and songwriter, Thiago Pantaleão, who became known on the internet for his swing and his voice timbre. Then it's the turn of the pregnant woman of the year, Iza, TIM brand ambassador, concludes work with the “Afrodhit Tour” show. In the repertoire, tracks from the new album such as “Fé Nas Maluca”, “Que Se Vá”, “Mega da Virada”, and complete the set list are already known songs in the singer's voice such as “Brisa”, “Pesadão” and “Meu Talismã ”.

On Sunday, June 2nd, the stage of the TIM Music Rio welcomes an icon of Brazilian popular music: the singer and composer Djavan. The Alagoas native will present the show “D”, which features tracks from his latest work such as “Num Mundo de Paz” and “Iluminado”, as well as more than 20 hits from all phases of his discography, with hits such as “Sina” and “ Flor de Lis”, songs that have a permanent place in all shows because, according to the artist, “they are songs that people love”. Before, hip hop from the south zone of São Paulo reaches the sands of Copacabana with the sound of Rael, common  setlist  which brings together works from his album “Capim-Cidreira”, as well as “Vem com Tudo” and “Rei do Lual”. 


Dates: May 25th and 26th, and June 1st and 2nd

Location: Copacabana Beach, Posto 4, RJ

Opening: 4pm*

Closing: 8pm*


*show will be held on schedule, ending at 8pm 

05/25/2024 – Marina Senna (5pm)/ Baco Exu do Blues (7pm)

05/26/2024 – Show in honor of Beth Carvalho with Diogo Nogueira, Marvvila, Roberta Sá (5pm) / Gloria Groove (7pm)

02/01/06 – Preta Gil invites Thiago Pantaleão (5pm)/ IZA (7pm)

06/02/2024 – Rael (5pm)/ Djavan (7pm)

Credits: Diario do Rio

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