Snow in Rio de Janeiro! Discover new attraction with negative temperatures and snowfall

I confess that I was cold both times I visited the Rio de Janeiro (very bad luck)! Now, snow in the famous “40 degrees River”? It seems like a joke, but it's real – or almost. A new attraction has “frozen” – at 20 degrees below zero – Rio residents and tourists in Wonderful city!

The “Arctic – Snow and Ice” event is at Riocentro and promises to offer very different experiences, such as seeing snow, igloos and blizzards. The place also has a slide and ice sculptures, like that of the friendly character Olaf from the movie Frozen.

To have fun, it's worth having a snowman or a snow fight and, of course, an angel on the ground. You can try everything you need in the white and icy look.

The attraction is in Rio until December 18th and has several days with sold out times, so it may be extended until February. Tickets must be purchased via Internet, starting at R$ 70 for adults. Children up to 14 years old are free.

Oh, if you're thinking about going to the event, don't forget your coat (the thick one). Otherwise, it is possible to rent accessories to keep warm, costing R$ 50 per person.

This is the biggest edition of “Arctic – Snow and Ice”, according to the organization. The event has already been Belo Horizonte (MG) and São Paulo (SP), in addition to six countries.


Is it real snow?

The organizers explain that during the event snowy weather conditions are simulated, with minus 20 degrees and humidity in the environment (water that turns into snow). In other words, it is natural water, without any additives. Therefore, they say visitors can experience a blizzard and real snow!


  • Where? Riocentro – Pavilion 4 – Convention Center
  • Address: Avenida Salvador Allende, 6555, Barra da Tijuca
  • Until when? December 18
  • Schedules: Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 am to 8 pm
  • Tickets: from R$ 70 (here)
  • Free: Children up to 14 years old are free.
  • Doubts? Information here.

Snow in Rio de Janeiro

What did you think of the attraction? Are you going to face minus 20 degrees in Rio de Janeiro or are you going to leave it to other visitors? Tell us in the comments!

Credits: Best Destinations

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