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For founder of Web Sumitt, the Rio version of the event can internationalize the city and Brazil

After receiving over 70 thousand visitors in Lisbon (Portugal), at the Web Summit, the founder and CEO of the technology event, Paddy Cosgrave, intends to transform the Rio version into an international gateway to South America. The organization of Web Sumitt , the biggest technology event in Europe, expects the Rio de Janeiro edition, which will take place in Rio Centro, to receive more than 10 thousand people.

Speaking to the newspaper Globo, the executive stated that the creators of Brazilian startups now aim to be entrepreneurs at the head of global companies, abandoning national and continental regionalism.

“I hope it will be the most international event there has ever been in Brazil. The dream of a Brazilian startup used to be to grow in the country or in Latin America. Now, they look at the world. They no longer see it as impossible to create a global company from Rio”, Cosgrave told the outlet.

Asked whether the change of government in Brazil will impact what is debated at the event, the Irishman who founded Web Sumitt in 2009, stated that the executives in the area are objective and are focused on expanding their clientele. According to him, the interest of entrepreneurs in Brazil lies in its marketing potential.

“I met a lot of executives in the last few days. They just want customers. They don't want to worry about politics. Companies go to Brazil because South America is one of the biggest markets in the world. Our ambition is for the Web Summit in Brazil to become a gateway for everyone to South America”, said the CEO, who guaranteed the participation of the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and the president of Timor-Leste, José Ramos Horta, after much negotiation.

Still, Paddy Cosgrave hopes that the new President of the Republic, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) will attend the event. He highlighted, however, that the presence of leaders linked to the new government will be of the utmost importance to strengthen Web Sumit.

“Maybe Lula will even go, I don’t know… But it’s important that the event happens for the first time. The ministers go and, if they like it, they can recommend it to the president. It would be great if Lula also led a Brazilian delegation at the Lisbon edition”, declared Paddy.

Currently, Brazilians form the fourth largest audience at the technology event. The announcement of Rio as Web Sumitt's new headquarters, displacing Porto Alegre and Brasília, is an indication of the city's importance in the current scenario. The executive highlighted that the capital of Rio de Janeiro is similar to Lisbon in combining leisure and business with great ease.

“Lisbon works well because it is a mix of business and leisure. And people go to Rio for the same reason. It is one of the most special cities in the world. But let’s moderate our expectations, because it will be the first”, explained the founder of Web Sumitt, who signed a contract with Rio de Janeiro leaders that provides for three annual editions of the event, which can be extended for another three years. According to the newspaper, Eduardo Paes (PSD) was directly involved in the negotiations with the Web Summit, having traveled to Lisbon. for the 2021 edition.

According to Rio's Secretary of Economic Development, Chicão Bulhões, the objective of the municipal government is to consolidate Rio de Janeiro as an epicenter of technological business in Latin America, since the city is a hub of innovation and crypto-fiendly.

“The Web Summit was fundamental in the transformation of the city of Lisbon. And Rio has everything it takes to be this capital in Latin America. Rio is already a hub for innovation, there will be an Impa headquarters in the Port of Rio with a fundamental role; has a more relaxed way of working; is already a “crypto-friendly” city, said the secretary to the newspaper.

The information is from the newspaper O Globo.

Via Diario do Rio

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