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HotelsRIO celebrates easing and end of restrictions in Rio

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City Hall has released event dates from September to make a year of celebration (Alexandre Macieira/Riotur)

Rio de Janeiro City Hall announced the plan to resume activities with flexibility and end of restrictions in three phases, in line with the advancement of vaccination in the capital – “Rio de Novo, a year of reunions”. On the occasion, HotéisRIO was represented by the Commercial Director of the Fairmont Copacabana Hotel, Michael Nagy. “This is great news for our city, Rio is getting ready for a big recovery!”, highlighted Nagy.

The city council also released event dates starting in September to make it a year of celebration, in which streets will be closed and there will be DJs at various points along the coast. In the scheduled calendar, activities planned for the period from September 2nd to 5th, such as cultural and artistic events in hundreds of locations, and lighting of iconic points. On the 2nd, “Reunion Day” will be celebrated, which will be a municipal holiday.

Source: Market and Events

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