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Hotéisrio Board Meeting Debates Rental Platforms and Perse

Competition with rental platforms and the future of Perse (Emergency Program for the Resumption of the Events Sector) were the main topics of the board meeting of the HotelsRIO, held this Monday, March 25th, at the Windsor Barra Hotel.

The president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, highlighted the importance of the hotel industry acting actively against unfair competition from rental platforms. He recalled that he published an article last week in the newspaper O Globo, in which he presented a precise scenario of the situation with the platforms. “We have to put pressure on the authorities so that they realize the relevance of the issue. In many countries, measures have already been taken to equalize the situation, with the collection of taxes and fees. The city hall, for example, should charge ISS to property owners who rent their apartments through the platform. This week we will visit the Chamber due to Perse's defense and we will take the opportunity to raise awareness among our deputies. We have to have a uniform discourse and this article helps us in this regard”, he stated.

The future of Perse was also discussed at the meeting. Lawyers Ricardo Almeida and Raianne Matta, from RAFE Advogados, specialists in tax issues, provided an overview of the program and stated that at the end of last year they received a response from the Federal Revenue Service to the tax consultation formulated by the entity, reaffirming the hotel sector's right to benefits from Perse. “Despite having provided greater strength to our defense, it is important to carry out mobilizations like those recently carried out in the Federal Senate, to guarantee political support. We will wait for the government’s next step in relation to the Provisional Measure, to evaluate our alternatives”, explained Almeida.

On the occasion, proposals in accordance with SIGABAM (Union of Waiters, Barmen and Maitre's of the State of Rio de Janeiro) were also debated.

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