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5 tips for offering impeccable service in the hotel industry

5 tips for offering impeccable service in the hotel industry

Do you want to offer impeccable service in your establishment? Better understand the relevance of service in the hotel industry and learn how to interact with guests in an efficient and charming way!

The importance of good service in the hotel industry

Several factors influence the experience of hotel customers – from issues related to structure to personal issues, related to the specific needs of each traveler.

However, service is the fundamental basis that connects the hotel and the guest. It is the way professionals communicate that ensures that the traveler feels comfortable and satisfied. In short, it is the service that makes the customer feel that it was worth staying at an establishment.

impeccable service

  • This satisfaction is important because it guarantees good reviews of your hotel or guesthouse on the internet – which, consequently, strengthens your brand on the web and attracts more travelers to your establishment.
  • On the other hand, when the service is not satisfactory, the chances of receiving feedbacks negatives on the web.
  • In other words, service is at the strategic center of its operations. It is what will determine the growth or failure of your business.

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How to offer impeccable service in the hotel industry

Good training is crucial to guarantee impeccable service in the hotel industry. Knowing this, below we present five tips that will help you train your team to offer impeccable service and, thus, strengthen your brand and the relationship with guests. Check out!

1 – Make a great first impression

impeccable service

The first impression is very important in hotel service. This because the way the guest is served in the check in it can determine their mood and perception of the establishment throughout their stay.

For example:

  • If they wait too long or if the attendant is not friendly, the traveler will start their stay with a negative view of the hotel. This can harm his experience and lower his tolerance for small mistakes.
  • If the traveler is well attended to at check-in and a problem occurs while they are in the room, they will be much more tolerant, and this failure should not affect their experience too much (as long as it is corrected quickly, of course).

Ensuring that the guest is happy with the service upon arrival will help set a positive tone for the stay. To do this, follow these tips:

  • Whenever possible, anticipate the collection of customer data through emails or automatic systems, preventing them from having to fill out extensive forms upon arrival. Remember: they are either tired from the trip or very excited to start exploring the area. The last thing they want is to spend hours in the check in!
  • Offer useful information about the region. Help your client get to know the city by suggesting tips on restaurants, tourist attractions and local activities. Whether through a recommendation during the conversation or with some informative pamphlets, the traveler will certainly appreciate this help.
  • Make yourself available to the guest. Inform them about the opening hours of the services offered by the hotel and indicate how they can contact the team to request something or answer any questions.

2 – Be careful with the words used when communicating with guests

impeccable service

The way you communicate with guests can make all the difference in achieving impeccable service. As important as "what” you say, is the form how the message gets across.

Some tips in this regard:

  • Instead of saying: “I don't know“; say: "Could you wait a moment while I figure this out for you?
  • Instead of saying: “we can not do that“; say: "let me check the possible solutions for this problem“.
  • Instead of saying: “I don't work in that area“; say: "Just a moment, I will contact those responsible for this sector and they will help you more efficiently“.
  • Instead of saying: “we don't have a room“; say: "our rooms are all occupied, but I can help you find accommodation nearbyThe“.

Anyway, you now have an idea, right?

Professional communication must be focused on ensuring the guest that the team is making every effort necessary to offer impeccable service, always assuming a positive and helpful attitude!


3 – Go beyond expectations

impeccable service

Going beyond expectations means anticipating needs and surprising guests with extra services and treats. This will contribute not only to impeccable service, but also to delight travelers and increase customer loyalty.

Of course, this is not an easy task and requires effective management of guest information. But this type of difference could be the factor that will make travelers recommend your establishment and return to stay there in the future.

Some ideas in this regard:

  • Offer gifts based on the traveler’s purchase history. If he ordered a certain wine from room service the last time he stayed at your hotel, how about leaving a bottle of the same brand as a gift?
  • Offer upgrade on special occasions. If a couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary, and a superior suite will be empty at that time, why not treat them to a upgrade unexpected?

4 – Create engagement with guests

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Offering standard services with quality and efficiency will prevent your guest from being dissatisfied and making complaints. However, If you really want to offer impeccable service and make travelers feel at home in your establishment, you need to go further, creating actions to engage them.

  • One way to do this is promoting activities that encourage interaction between travelers, increasing the chances of them making new friends and connecting. For example: collective dinners; free classes and workshops for guests; cultural presentations etc.
  • Furthermore, encourage employees to interact with customers spontaneously. They should always ask about the guest's plans during the trip, whether they are enjoying the city, etc. This way, it is possible to discover interesting information that will help promote more personalized service.

5 – Be quick and efficient in resolving problems

impeccable service

Impeccable service does not mean a total absence of errors. Unforeseen events can always happen, but what will make a difference in the guest's perception is the way and speed with which your establishment resolves the problem in question.

As we said in item 1, if throughout the stay the service is focused on making the guest feel special, the guest will be more tolerant of possible failures. However, regardless of this, it is crucial to act quickly.

Furthermore, professionals involved in the issue must assume a positive and helpful stance, especially if the guest is nervous and/or excited. The employee needs to make a point of showing the customer that:

1) Recognize customer frustration.

two) Take responsibility for the failure.

3) All possible actions to resolve the issue are being taken.

4) The guest will receive some type of reward for this inconvenience.

At first, this will help the client to calm down. When realizing that the establishment is doing everything possible to reverse the situation, there is a good chance that it will still leave with a positive image of the hotel.

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Now it's up to you! Put these lessons into practice and ensure even better results.


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