Meet Sequóia Alimentos: Main supplier of tortillas in Brazil

For more than two decades, Sequóia Alimentos has been the main supplier of tortillas in Brazil. With an initial focus on food service, the company quickly gained prominence in supermarkets in Rio de Janeiro when, in 2010, it launched Garytos, its tortilla chips aimed at retail. Today, Sequóia supplies both the food service market and the retail market not only with tortillas of different sizes and flavors, but also with sauces, such as Garytos Salsa and, of course, Garytos – in three different sizes.

The great difference of our products is their versatility and the possibility of being included in different types of cuisine. Therefore, Sequóia serves all types of restaurants – from pizzerias and Japanese restaurants to healthy food chains and Mexican restaurants.

The trust of our thousands of customers throughout Brazil is due to the incomparable flavor of our products and the quality of our service. Our factory uses the best inputs and technology on the market, and the quality and safety of the food we produce always comes first. The entire manufacturing process goes through high quality control, which is proven through the international Yum! certification. with maximum marks.

Learn more about Sequoia at or access our social networks @sequoia.alimentos.

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