State gains Integrated Tourist Security Committee

Attended by leaders from various trade entities and various public security sectors, the Rio de Janeiro Integrated Tourist Security Committee was launched at the Hotel Everest, on the 21st. The event was attended by the then Secretaries of Tourism and Security, Nilo Sergio Felix and General Richard...

The committee was established based on a decree published on November 12th and its purpose is to qualify integrated strategies aimed at tourist security, monitoring indicators and monitoring the calendar of events in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The Committee will be coordinated by Seseg and the executive secretariat by Setur.

General Richard highlighted the importance of the committee and the integration between the tourism and security sectors: “In November 2017, we recorded 50 robberies of tourists. At the end of 2018, with a higher occupancy rate, we only had 16 registrations. This means a reduction of 68%. The reinstallation of the committee is the crowning achievement of federal intervention and strengthening of public security in the tourism sector”, he argued.

The first Cosetur meeting is scheduled for January 2019. In addition to Seseg and Setur, the committee includes representatives from the State Secretariat for Civil Defense, the Specialized Tourism Support Police Station and the Tourist Areas Police Battalion. Members of bodies and entities that make up the State Tourism Council may also be invited.

Photo: Setur

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