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Cláudio Castro highlights good results from tourism in the state during carnival

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro, highlighted on the fourth day of parades at the Sambódromo, the good results of the State Government's investments that increased tourism in the city, especially during Carnival.

According to the Hotel Association (ABIH-RJ), the interior of Rio de Janeiro recorded an average of 92.65% of rooms booked between February 18th and 22nd. In the capital, according to HotéisRIO, the average was 91.52% accommodations used.

“The capital has greatly increased its hotel capacity and, even so, it is registering a fantastic historical occupancy rate, which shows that Rio has recovered its credibility and many people want to travel here. Let's encourage tourism more and more. This is fundamental”, said the governor in Sapucaí.

More than 27 thousand tourists are passing through Píer Mauá, in Rio's Port Zone, during the festivities. This group alone is expected to inject around R$ 14 million into the city's economy. The Brazilian Cruise Ship Association (Clia Brasil), highlights that this should be the biggest season in terms of numbers in the last 10 years.

For Castro, this post-pandemic panorama reflects responsible, efficient management and, especially, committed to ensuring a better quality of life for the people of Rio de Janeiro.

“Tourism represents 5.49% of the state’s GDP, and we want to reach up to 12% in the next 10 years. It is fundamental for development, as it moves the economy, generates jobs and income and attracts new investors. We are very pleased with the beautiful party that all of Rio de Janeiro is offering this Carnival to millions of people, whether they are from here or abroad”, stated Castro.

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