Volleyball Nations League confirms dates in Rio de Janeiro in 2024

The Volleyball Nations League confirmed the dates for the Rio de Janeiro competitions in 2024. Both the men's and women's competitions will take place in May. The city of Rio de Janeiro will host the first week of competitions in the tournament.

Maracanãzinho Gymnasium for the Pre-Olympic volleyball tournament — Photo: Marcelo de Jesus

Maracanãzinho Gymnasium for the Pre-Olympic volleyball tournament — Photo: Marcelo de Jesus

Among the women, Brazil, the United States, Sévia, China, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and South Korea will participate in the dispute in Rio de Janeiro. The championship will be played in Rio between May 14th and 19th, 2024. In addition to Rio, Brazil also competes in Macau and Hong Kong, in China.

Other teams participating in the VNL are Italy, Poland, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria and France. The final week of the women's Nations League does not yet have a defined venue, but will be played between June 20th and 23rd.

For men, the competition in Rio de Janeiro takes place between May 21st and 26th. Teams from Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Japan, Serbia, Iran, Cuba and Germany participate in the competition. In addition to Rio, the Brazilian men's team will also compete in the competition in Japan, and Manila, in the Philippines.

Also in the VNL are the USA, Poland, Turkey, France, Canada, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The final stretch of the tournament does not yet have an official venue.

See Brazil's dates for the Volleyball Nations League



  • Week 1, May 21st to 26th – Rio de janeiro Brazil
  • Week 2, June 4th to 9th – city to be defined, Japan
  • Week 3, June 18th to 23rd – Manila, Philippines
  • Finals, June 27th to 30th – city to be defined




  • Week 1, May 14th to 19th – Rio de janeiro Brazil
  • Week 2, May 28 to June 2 – Macau, China
  • Week 3, June 11th to 16th – Hong Kong, China
  • Finals, June 20th to 23rd – city to be defined


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