Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho: show for tourists will be open to the public today

After the successful launch of the Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho, the show is preparing to welcome the public this Wednesday, August 2nd. The event is entirely aimed at the city's tourist, corporate and events trade.

The Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho offers a rich tourist experience for visitors while valuing, promoting and strengthening not only the South Zone, but also the city of Rio de Janeiro, becoming an icon of sophistication and quality in entertainment for those who visit the space.

The Rio Samba Show is a unique experience that will be immortalized by a spectacle of colors, sounds and gastronomy, leaving the scene complete with traditional bar snacks.

Event tourism has shown extraordinary potential and is driving the hotel industry, services and many other segments. The Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho will boost tourism in the city, in addition to acting directly on the economy, increasing jobs for the Creative Industry.

The Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho is a project presented by artists, actors and singers completely independently. The presence of singer Mumuzinho is optional and may occur according to the artist's show schedule.


Launch show

At the event's launch show, the eclectic soundtrack including MPB and samba pleased and infected the audience present. Afterwards, the singer Mumuzinho sang choruses of eternal sambas that marked generations.

“I just left a ceremony at Palácio Guanabara where I was presented by Governor Cláudio Castro, as Rio de Janeiro's tourism ambassador. It is a great happiness and, now, I came to celebrate here with you, who represent this great tourism industry”, said singer Mumuzinho and host of the space.


Location: Bar do Mumuzinho – Shopping da Gávea, 3rd floor.

Address: Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 52 – Gávea

Instagram: @bardomumuzinho

More information: (21) 96685-3150

Press office: (21) 98397-1299 (Diana Pires)

Service and reservation: Rio Samba Show, By Mumuzinho

Pamella Sodré

Whatsapp / (21) 97570-9395


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