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HotéisRIO held a board meeting this Tuesday, the 6th


Agenda included G20, Perse and security actions

HotéisRIO held its board meeting this Tuesday, February 6th, at the Windsor Marapendi Hotel, in which topics such as increased security, impacts of the G20 on the sector and mobilization for the maintenance of Perse were discussed.

The importance of security actions to improve the conditions of Rio tourism was highlighted by the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes. “The installation of police booths on Orla da Barra and in front of the Record broadcaster will increase security in the neighborhood and, in the case of TV, it is the result of a very welcome partnership between the private sector and public authorities”, he said.

The commander of the 31st BPM, Lieutenant. Cel. PM Alexandre Felix Barbosa, who works in the regions of Barra, Recreio, Vargens, Barra de Guaratiba and Itanhangá, agreed with Lopes and took stock of the region's rapid growth in the last 15 years. “Part of the commerce from the Center of Rio migrated here, which brought improvements in urbanization, but also potential problems. The opening of access roads such as the Transolímpica, the Grota Funda tunnel and the BRT lines facilitate the lives of law-abiding citizens, but also the movement of marginalized people. The fight against crime has become more complex, but the leadership of our corporation is supporting us and providing reinforcements, such as more personnel and equipment.”

The positive impacts of the G20 were also on the agenda. The deputy general coordinator of International Relations and Cooperation at the City of Rio de Janeiro, Bruno Neele, revealed how the preparations are going for the Meeting of Chancellors that will take place on the 21st and 22nd of February. “The delegations are a little late in making reservations, but this should be regularized soon after Carnival,” he said. The superintendent of HotéisRIO, Theresa Jansen, recalled that the calendar of G20 meetings is continually updated and can be consulted on the entity's events calendar application.

Paulo Michel, president of ABIH-RJ, spoke of the importance of the presence of hoteliers in the act of mobilization in defense of the maintenance of Perse, scheduled for March 5th to 7th in Brasília. “We have to go with a large delegation to impress deputies and senators, through the Parliamentary Tourism Front. We have already received discounts on hotel accommodation and also on airline tickets. This is the time to make an effort to guarantee a benefit that is helping our sector recover from the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The coordinators of the forums held by HotéisRIO also made presentations of the activities carried out. Ricardo Barreiro, coordinator of the Security Forum and Risk and Loss Prevention manager at the Windsor Hotel Chain, highlighted that the numbers show that Rio de Janeiro is not among the most dangerous cities in Brazil. “We are working on facial recognition and crime-fighting programs inside hotels to increase the feeling of security and improve the city’s image.” Teresa Guimarães, one of the coordinators of the Human Resources Forum and HR director at the Hilton Network, spoke about the development of a survey to assist in hiring professionals. “Carrying out a survey in a methodical way will provide very useful information. Our meetings in the forums are important because they allow us to do this type of networking, which generates concrete results.”

On the occasion, there was a presentation by A3 Confecções, a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of professional uniforms and personal protective equipment, made by Victor Amadeus Amorim Mendes, managing partner of the company, who highlighted more accessible and better quality products provided by technological advancements.

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