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Fairmont Rio holds traditional Carnival feijoada signed by Jérôme Dardillac

There is no carioca who can resist the first chords of the surdo, the repique, the agogô, the cuíca and the tambourine. The sounds of instruments announce the arrival of Carnival and, along with the biggest popular festival in the country, the feijoada season. Creating a perfect mix between festivity and exquisite gastronomy, the Fairmont Rio will hold its traditional feijoada on Wednesday, February 14th. The event, open to the public, takes place in the hotel's RJ 1-2-3 rooms, from 2pm to 6pm, and is perfect for following the counting of the Special Group Samba School Parades.

When it comes to the menu, a ten rating is guaranteed. For those who appreciate, but do not renounce, haute cuisine, the delicacy is created by executive chef Jérôme Dardillac. The buffet features a variety of salad and bread options, such as Lentil Salad with Smoked Salmon and Green Apple, as well as appetizing snacks, such as the irrefutable Bean Broth. The hot dish options also whet your palate, such as the irresistible Kale with Toasted Bacon, Sautéed Garlic and Olive Oil and Traditional Meats, such as smoked ribs, sirloin, pepperoni, jerky, among others.

Committed to the satisfaction of all audiences, the hotel will include a Vegan White Bean Feijoada station with mushrooms, carrots, smoked baroa, leeks, smoked tofu and lemon thyme. The dish will be accompanied by Sete Grãos Rice, Cassava Farofa, Orange Pear Wedges and Cabbage Braised in Olive Oil with Garlic and Tomato Concassé.

Inviting you to go off your diet without regretting it, the desserts section is led by Fairmont Rio's pastry chef, Jenifer Ortega. Highlights include the Lemon Tartelette, Mini Quindim and Milk Pudding.

The drinks menu includes sparkling wine, smoothies, beer, caipivodka, caipirinha and gin and tonic. Soft drinks, juices, sparkling and still water as non-alcoholic options.

The musical program is a spectacle in itself with Beija-Flor from Nilópolis livening up the event. The samba group Lucas de Moraes and DJs Palomma and Felipe Mar join the group.

The carnival feijoada experience costs R$390 per person + 10% service and can be purchased at the link: https://www.sympla.com.br/event/carnival-feijoada-fairmont-rio-2024/2316186?referrer=www.google.com .


Carnival Feijoada

  • Location: Fairmont Copacabana Rio de Janeiro – Avenida Atlântica, 4240 – Copacabana,
  • Day: Wednesday, February 14th;
  • Opening hours: 2pm to 6pm.

Credits: Cutlural Soup

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