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With an eye on the Chinese market, Rio joins the World Federation of Tourist Cities

Now, the city is part of a select group of 238 cities from 83 countries with high tourism potential. The Chinese middle class and executives view the city with great admiration

Photo: Rio City Hall

World Federation of Tourist Cities, in Beijing, at China, accepted the city of Rio de Janeiro in its select group made up of just 238 cities from 83 countries. With Rio's entry into the federation, an expansion of international visitors to the capital of Rio de Janeiro is projected, especially the middle class and Chinese executives, who come to the city and the Brazill not only as exotic destinations, but also as great options for various investments.

The entity will hold its annual meeting in September, in Taiwan. By participating in the event, Rio de Janeiro will have the opportunity to present its best to the international market, especially the Asian one.

To the municipal secretary of TourismDaniela Maia (PSDB), the rapprochement with the large and powerful Chinese economy can open up a series of opportunities for the city and the State.

“It is the first time that Rio has the opportunity to offer the Rio destination to the Chinese on the ground and take advantage of the strength of its economy and the power of its tourists who love to travel”, said Daniela Maia.

Rio de Janeiro, with all its vast and diverse tourist potential, has everything to be one of the biggest successes in the area. It is one of the city's greatest assets, which has internationally known tourist attractions, such as the Christ the Redeemer, O Sugar Loaf and the beaches of Copacabana It is Ipanema. Furthermore, Rio de Janeiro holds the biggest popular festivals in the world: the Carnival and the New Year's Eve.

With information from the newspaper The globe, portal Brasil 247 and Diario do Rio

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