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Windsor Hoteis chain offers traditional feijoada at its units in Rio de Janeiro

With the aim of celebrating Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian cuisine, the Windsor Hoteis chain promotes, on Fridays and Saturdays, the traditional feijoada in four of its hotels in Rio de Janeiro. With a varied buffet, the menu is prepared by experienced chefs from the chain. 

The menu is always offered on Fridays at Windsor Florida, in Flamengo, and at Windsor Guanabara, in the center of Rio. On Saturdays, it is the turn of the Windsor Barra units, in Barra da Tijuca, and Windsor Excelsior, in Copacabana, to highlight the best of Rio's gastronomy. 

The hotel restaurants have a delicious buffet with more than ten types of meat, salads, a variety of desserts and outstanding options in Brazilian cuisine. Among the differences are the vegan feijoada and the Japanese food station served at Windsor Barra.

“The Windsor Hoteis chain's feijoada is already a tradition in the city of Rio de Janeiro and we welcome not only guests and tourists, but also many families who live close to the units that feature our restaurants. The chosen units have a welcoming environment with modern, air-conditioned infrastructure and a privileged location. Always following the Windsor Chain’s standard of quality and excellence already recognized in the market”, says Valmor Dutra, Food and Beverage Manager at the Windsor Hoteis Chain.



  • Every Saturday: 12pm to 4pm
  • Value: R$140 per person + 10% for the service.
  • Telephone for reservation: (21) 2195-5100.
  • Highlights: vegan feijoada, Japanese food and varieties of Brazilian food.


  • Every Friday – 12pm to 4pm
  • Value: R$98 per person + 10% for the service
  • Telephone for reservation: (21) 2195-6800
  • Highlights: typical sweets included in the package, such as cocada, quindão and couscous, among others.


  • Every Saturday: 12pm to 4pm.
  • Value: R$120 per person + 10% for the service.
  • Telephone for reservation: (21) 2195-5800.
  • Highlights: grilled food, dessert and smoothies (lemon and passion fruit flavors) already included in the price, other drinks separately.


  • Every Friday: 11:30am to 3pm
  • Value: R$95 per person + 10% for the service.
  • Telephone for reservation: (21) 2195-6000.
  • Highlights: salads, desserts, feijoada with noble cuts, as well as other options of dishes and snacks. Lemon smoothie already included in the package.

About the Windsor Hotels Network

For 36 years as a reference in the tourism sector, the Windsor Network has 17 three- to five-star hotels. Owner of one of the largest independent hotel groups in the country, it has 15 units in Rio de Janeiro – between Zona Sul, Barra da Tijuca and Centro –, in addition to two units in Brasília.

The Windsor Convention & Hotel Center has 25 thousand square meters, 106 multi-purpose rooms, the largest plenary room in the space holds up to 2,500 people, but the largest event held in the space has already reached a floating audience of 7 thousand people. As recognition for excellence in the provision of accommodation, gastronomy and event services, it appears in national and international awards.

Furthermore, the Windsor Network intends to invest in new fronts that reinforce its solidity in the market, as well as care for guests and the social aspect.

With this positioning, the company reinforces some of its main values, such as excellence, sustainability and solidarity. And with the aim of attracting more guests and believing in new marketing modalities, always seeking personalization in service, the Sales area of the Windsor Network adopted flexibility in its hotel rates, offering daily rates with and without breakfast included.

Credits: Turis news

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