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Holidays in Tiradentes and São Jorge have an average of 74.23% of occupancy in the hotel network

 According to the survey, in the period from April 20 to 23, the average in the interior of the State of Rio de Janeiro is 74.23%. The capital records an average of 52.58%.

In the interior, the prominent regions are Miguel Pereira (79.30%), Paraty (77.50%), Macaé (76.10%), Vassouras (75.90%), Valença/ Conservatória (75.70%), Teresópolis (75.30%), Nova Friburgo (75.201 TP3T), Cabo Frio (74.50%), Angra dos Reis (73.70%), Rio das Ostras and Petrópolis (73.60%), Itatiaia/ Penedo (71.60%), Armação dos Búzios (69.40%) and Arraial do Cabo (67.80%) ).

In the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the regions with the best numbers are Leme/ Copacabana (70.48%), Ipanema/ Leblon (61.17%), Centro (42.53%), Flamengo/ Botafogo (37.98%) and Barra da Tijuca/ Recreio (37.58%)

According to the president of HotéisRIO, Alfredo Lopes, the Madonna show at the beginning of May and the Corpus Christi holiday at the end of the month slightly reduce the impetus of tourists focusing on visiting the capital. “The Tiradentes holiday, which is national, falls on a Sunday. The one that honors Saint George is statewide, which greatly reduces the flow of tourists from other states”, he comments.

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