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Santa Teresa MGallery

Santa Teresa MGallery will hold a pre-New Year’s Eve party “Vista-se de Axé” on Thursday

Axé is life is the theme of the hotel party Santa Teresa RJ-Mgallery which will have its first edition this coming December 28th at 6pm, on “Dress up as Axé”. The word became popular, becoming synonymous with the Bahian musical genre, but long before that, it was present in MPB, in popular festivals and carnivals, in the daily lives of people from Bahia and Brazil, however, in green, axé defines the essential energy that moves all beings on Earth.

Vinicius Belo at Jardim do Mgallery credit Fabio Cordeiro 2 Hotel Santa Teresa will hold a pre-New Year’s Eve party “Vista-se de Axé” on Thursday
Vinicius Belo in Jardim do Mgallery – credit Fabio Cordeiro

It's a light party, for friends and friends of friends, almost everyone who will be there will be wishing the best energy for the new year, a collective of good vibes let's say, everyone in white, it's not a religious party, the energy there is only one... For those who want to know what 2024 will be like, we will also have fortune tellers in the hotel garden, offering these predictions for free, who doesn't like that, right??”, he states Vinicius Belo, creator and public relations of the event.

More than 100,000 Bonfim ribbons coming directly from the city of Salvador were ordered for this event, which will start on the hotel's pool deck, one of the most charming places in Rio, with a panoramic view of the city center. The Bahian Priscila Luz is one of the attractions of the event, the singer has prepared a vast repertoire of Brazilian music, the show will have a more than special participation from Block Afro-Cultural OrunMilá, then the DJ Marcelinho da Lua – name consecrated in MPB -, assumes the Bar dos Descasados, another business card of the hotel. The DJ Octavio Sampaio opens the party. The decoration is being done by the designer Thiago Herreira, he recently won two important awards, one from Casa&Jardim 2023 magazine and another from Hotéis Rio, directly from the Secretariat of Tourism, for his sustainable Christmas tree that was created at the hotel.

Raphael Hammoud, astrologer, tarot reader, aromatherapist, a favorite of the architects who make up the artefact, casa cor, among other hotels, will compose for the party an alchemical synergy (mixture of oils) to open paths for 2024 with special notes from China, Italy, France, England and Madagascar with the proposal of a loving atmosphere for one of the years he considers the most important of the decade.

Pre-New Year's Eve Dress up in Axé
Location: Hotel Santa Teresa RJ-Mgallery (Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660 Santa Teresa.)
Attractions: DJ Otávio Sampaio, DJ Marcelinho da Lua, Priscila Luz
Time: 6pm | Thursday, December 28th | Costume: White


Credits: Diario do Rio

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