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Backpacking tourists standing with views of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, boyfriend and girlfriend backpackers with rucksacks, looking at view

Riotur carries out research to detail the experience of tourists at the end of the year in the city

Starting this Tuesday and until January 5th, Rio residents and tourists will be able to participate in a Riotur survey about the tourist experience in the city. Data will be collected using QR codes distributed throughout the neighborhoods that will have stages during the New Year, allowing participants to answer a quick questionnaire and receive discount vouchers in exchange for use at local tourist attractions. The objective is to obtain information to improve security, infrastructure, and the cultural and leisure experience in the city.

Monitoring will be carried out in 11 neighborhoods that will have attractions on the 31st, including traditional tourist areas, such as the Sugar Loaf Cable Car. Everyone can participate, regardless of age. To expand the scope of the research, the project will be announced on all New Year's Eve stages, tourist attractions, tourist information offices, hotels, restaurants and on the city's waterfront.

All data collected will be processed by the Tourist Expert System (SET), an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed to simulate the knowledge and decision-making of tourism experts. It is capable of analyzing large volumes of data and, from this, providing insights into tourist flow patterns, visitor behavior and preferences.

By collecting, analyzing and interpreting real-time data about the experiences of tourists and residents, the system enables managers to identify trends, solve problems and explore new opportunities.

For Riotur, this approach represents an opportunity for people to share their perspectives, contributing to a deeper understanding of how Rio operates, making the city more welcoming

— This research will be of great importance for everyone who works in the city’s tourism sector. The greater the participation of locals and tourists, the more information we will have to draw up new guidelines to attract more and more visitors, generating jobs, income and improving the population's quality of life — declared Ronnie Costa, president of Riotur.

This is the first time that the system will be used in a mega event. SET was awarded in the Data Management and Intelligence in Tourism category at this year's National Tourism Awards. The initiative is from Riotur, in partnership with Embratur, Smart Tour and Grupo Iter. For the organizers, the project positions Rio as a leader in technology and innovation in tourist events.

— The application of the SET, especially after its award on New Year's Eve in Rio, is an important milestone. This technology not only shows Brazil's potential in tourism innovation, but also reinforces our commitment to improving the tourist experience in the city — highlighted Jucelha Carvalho, CEO of Smart Tour.


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