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Rio displaces New York and Paris in the ranking of cities most filmed by filmmakers

Rio de Janeiro came first in the ranking of cities most sought after by filmmakers who used Rio's landscapes in their audiovisual productions in 2023. This is what a ranking by Rio Film Commission, department of RioFilme which is connected to Municipal Secretariat of Culture.

Altogether, the Wonderful city accumulates 7885 filming days, compared to 7876 in Mexico City and 7400 from the French metropolis. new York, which usually appears in productions of U.S, was outside the top 3.

The South Zone of Rio is the favorite place for those who choose Rio as a setting to tell their stories on screen and canvas. Avenida Atlântica, in Copacabana; Avenida Francisco Bhering, in Arpoador; and Flamengo Beach are some of the points of greatest interest.

The good numbers for Rio can be explained, among other factors, by RioFilme's initiatives to attract productions to the city. In the program Cash Rebate, launched in 2022, productions intermediated by a Rio production company can recover up to 35% of the amounts invested in the municipality during filming.C

Credits: Diario do Rio

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