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Rio de Janeiro and Búzios stand out as the main tourist destinations in research

A recent survey carried out by Omnibees and released during the Panrotas Forum brought to light valuable insights into the preferences of Brazilian travelers.
Rio de Janeiro and Búzios stand out as the main tourist destinations in research
Rio de Janeiro topped the list, followed by São Paulo and, surprisingly, Búzios (RJ) emerged as the third most desired city in the next four months, taking into account daily rates and average length of stay, behind only the main capitals of the country. According to the survey, the average length of stay in Búzios is 5.5 days, a significant number compared to Rio de Janeiro (4.5) and São Paulo (4.8), indicating that travelers are opting for making the most of everything the city has to offer. For the president of the Rio Vamos Vencer Association, Marcelo Conde, the data confirms that Búzios is a destination that avoids seasonal tourism and maintains the flow of visitors throughout the year. According to City Hall data, the resort has an average occupancy of 57% throughout the year. ac7cee2bf2e8e5e9d78a3d089e665160“This achievement highlights the protagonism of the State of Rio de Janeiro as the main destination in Brazil. And Búzios occupying third place attests to the city's growing popularity as a tourist destination, where visitors find a unique combination of natural beauty, excellent gastronomy and a variety of leisure activities”, highlighted Marcelo Conde. The State Secretary of Tourism of Rio de Janeiro, Gustavo Tutuca, highlights that seeing the city of Rio de Janeiro as the most sought after among tourists has been a trend, but seeing Búzios occupying 3rd position, behind only Rio itself and São Paulo, it's a source of pride. “This is a reflection of our work, together with the entire tourist trade in the State and Búzios. The results are appearing more and more, but we cannot relax. We have to continue our strategic actions to promote the 12 tourist regions”, said Gustavo Tutuca.Búzios invests in holding eventsefd859dc97b114cba834711b29421a03Photo of Búzios – credit Toti BiagioniThe Municipal Secretary of Tourism of Búzios, Maycon Siqueira, highlights initiatives that are being implemented to promote the municipality and guarantee an average occupancy throughout the year. “The calendar of events that was implemented after the pandemic has minimized seasonality in the months after high seasons. Motorcycle meetings, gastronomy festivals, musical attractions of different styles have attracted more and more visitors during all months of the year”, highlighted Maycon Siqueira, adding that they are implementing the Raízes de Búzios Route together with Sebrae. “We want tourists to also have access to the stories and traditions of the city's traditional people: the quilombolas and fishermen. The itinerary includes tours through various neighborhoods of the city such as José Gonçalves, Baía Formosa and Rasa with tours through Ponta do Pai Vitorio and Mangue de Pedras”, revealed the director. Credits: Ultima Hora Online

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