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AquaRio and BioParque do Rio have special Easter programming

Environmental awareness and lots of fun! This is how AquaRio and BioParque do Rio will celebrate Easter in a unique way, with activities exclusively prepared for the holiday, focused on environmental education and entertainment for little ones!

For the first time, AquaRio forms a partnership with the renowned gastronomy school Le Cordon Bleu. On Thursday, March 28, children aged 7 to 14 can learn how to make a delicious brownie. The class will be taught by chef Pablo Peralta. Spaces are limited and the form is available on the profile @aquariomarinhodorio.

The port region park also invested in special programming for those who want to learn more about marine biodiversity. On the visiting circuit, the educational rooms will have special exhibitions for kids to learn about. In one of them, children can explore the fascinating world of bioluminescence and discover how some marine beings produce their own light in the dark of the ocean. There is also an interactive exhibition about various marine species that invites the public to play a fun game in which knowledge about the underwater world is tested.

It will also be possible to use your imagination and learn more about the animals that inhabit the Brazilian restingas while drawing your own representation of these incredible beings. And in the last exhibition area, a labyrinth promotes discovery about the challenges that marine debris presents to life underwater and the importance of ocean conservation.

In an extra activity, visitors will also be able to see the play “Mermaid and Pirate” from Friday, 29th, until Sunday, 31st, at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. The theatrical presentation tells the story of Coral, the curious mermaid, on her journey as she discovers the secrets and dangers of the sea in the magical underwater world of Mana Island.

Easter Themed Enrichment

BioParque do Rio was also prepared to welcome the whole family this holiday! In a special activity full of fun and learning, visitors will be introduced to eggs from different species. Whoever guesses which animal it belongs to will win a chocolate. The activity will take place during the park's operation, on March 30th and 31st.

In addition to playing with eggs, visitors will be able to see animals being surprised with Easter-themed enrichment. Special decorations and surprises spread throughout the park can be seen by the public, creating a charming and festive atmosphere. The agenda will be published on the attraction's social networks @bioparquedorio

Credits: Cultural Soup

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